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When it’s study time, they study

Remember the guy who listens to radio, takes weekends breaks, visits relatives, and still manage to get a 97%? Yes, that guy. Those “Toppers” are more common than one believes. One reason for their success is they immerse themselves in what they do . In a way, they are Zen masters.

They study when they study. They don’t give in to distractions, and they definitely don’t get up before they complete the chapter they are studying.

If you hate the chapter, revise again

Love it, hate it, doesn’t matter, you have to answer it. You have to learn all concepts. Though this is common sense, most students don’t follow it.

If you like maths, study maths, enjoy maths, revise math.

If you dislike chemistry, study chemistry, revise chemistry, and then revise it again till you reach all goals.

Try to find why you hate the chapter. Chances are, it is because you don’t understand the concepts well.  So you have to put extra effort into every question which makes you uncomfortable. Find misconceptions and clear it. A ranker removes all hick-ups proactively.

Get continuous feedback

This can be done in various ways. Ask your teachers and understand your weak points.If a subject feels too easy to be true, maybe you should step back. You might be complacent and not challenging yourself enough. Maybe you only focused on the easy parts.

Try self-assessments. Take many tests from the same chapter. Analyze your mistakes and find the concepts you are not thorough with. Ensure you understand all the different methods to arrive at the same answer. Do not depend on one tactic too much.

You can also compare with friends. Debate them and compare with them. Don’t feel bad about knowing less. Only by interacting with friends who know more, will you learn more.

Work by topics, not by time

When you set a timetable, which you should if you haven’t, make sure to organize your day by chapters to study and not just on time. If your aim is to spend 1 hour on chemistry today, then you will spend one hour without having a goal to complete any section. This is counterproductive. You feel you studied, but in reality, you left the topic in between. Instead take up specific topics. Tell yourself that you’ll complete this small, specific topic in the next two hours or maybe 3 i.e. as long as it takes to complete it.

When you do this, you concentrate on completing it, instead of whiling away time so that you can leave when your slot is over.

The final polish of success

Successful candidates invest a significant amount of time building exam temperament for the D-day. Consider this as the crucial 20% of your preparation which is make or break for you. No one is going to give you credits for your 2 years of hard preparation if you were not able to perform on the last day. It’s the hard truth of life for everybody, be it an athlete, a wrestler, a boxer or anybody who is in a competitive sport or exam.

While part success can be achieved by observing the greats and imitating them, complete success comes from adhering to principles of time management, planning, and execution.

Remember, success is and continues to be defined as the feat of pushing boundaries. While commonalities may take one to the border, it is the action of innovation that takes you further. There are already sites like Toppr which help you study by goals and topic. Also, they exactly pinpoint where you are lacking specifically. Competition in exams is day by day becoming harder and it becomes increasingly important for you to focus more time in sharpening your concepts and save time in finding and planning your preparation.

Candidates who are able to keep their cool during the exam are able to perform to their full potential and how did they do it? They did it by practicing in the same environment 10, 20, 50 times before on a test-series.

Find new ways to achieve success, make your parents proud, and maybe some time soon, we’ll have another commonality contributed by you.

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