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How many teachers are given formal training to create a positive classroom environment? Not many I suppose. It usually comes with experience. However, one must always keep in mind that students face hardships outside of class usually. For instance, some feel the safest when in the classroom. Therefore, the intensity of the situation must be assessed properly. Further, an educator must take necessary measures to create a positive classroom environment.

What is the Classroom Environment?

The classroom environment is the second most important thing after the educator. It serves as a second teacher. A classroom environment can change the notion of learning for a student. Children spent most of the time at school sitting in their classrooms. It is the place where they gain knowledge and skills to excel in life. It is important to understand the importance of a classroom environment. In other words, the classroom environment a child grows in, impacts his/her life deeply.

classroom environment

Fundamentals of Classroom Environment

A positive classroom environment encourages students. In addition to achieving effective learning as well. Educators can incorporate these fundamentals to create a classroom environment inclusive of positivity and productivity.

  • Form an individual relationship with students
  • Help them voice their opinions
  • Create a connection between the student and the course
  • Physical setting matters too
  • Encourage extra-curricular activities

Form an Individual Relationship with Students

The importance of a teacher-student relationship cannot be emphasized enough. You must have a friendly approach towards them. Try to know what they are beside their grades. Build a bond of trust with them. You can do so by recognizing their potential and then make them do the same. When you know more about them, you can interact better with them. This way the student will feel appreciated and it is great for his/her self-esteem too. For example- Greet them when they enter your class or compliment them about their performance in a play or sports.

Help them Voice their Opinions

Always remember to never discourage a student from asking questions. Students who have a hostile environment at home find solace in their classroom. They may feel powerless sometimes because of their current situation. It is the teacher’s job to empower them by offering them opportunities to voice their opinions. Most importantly, it will help in building their confidence when they speak up. Welcoming their opinions makes them feel valued and it will result in an interactive class.

Create a Connection between the Student and the Course

It is quite important to involve students while teaching. When you connect a student to the topic being taught, they will invest more. Similarly, take a character from a lesson and link its culture to that of a student who has the same. You can also connect their assets to the character. Moreover, you may also ask about what a student might have done in place of the character. These little exercises will make them more involved.

Physical Setting Matters too

The physical environment of a classroom also impacts the learning greatly. A classroom must reflect what it stands for. For instance, a class in junior must be full of colorful chart papers and fun facts. Whereas a senior class can have a periodic table or some formulas on their board. This constantly reminds them of a learning atmosphere. Meanwhile, students should be given the opportunity to shape the appearance of their class. This makes them feel like they belong. It also helps them accept the class as their safe space.

Encourage Extra-curricular Activities

It is not always important to excel academically. Continuous focus on academics can make a student dull. It will result in monotony and decreased efficiency. Try to incorporate extra-curricular activities between lessons. Make learning fun so students enjoy themselves and get a much-deserved break timely.

Those were 5 Ways for Keeping Classroom Environment Positive. Follow Teacher Space for more such articles.

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