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Most of the students who take up science and mathematics in their higher secondary education aspire to get into one of the IITs as they are considered as the most premier institutes in India for studying engineering. For securing your seat in an IIT, you need to crack JEE (Joint entrance test). The students have to write one of the most gruelling examinations to be able to be through the examination. Most of the questions asked in the examination test your level of understanding of the concepts which require you to put in your maximum effort and learn the concepts thoroughly. You need to master all the basic books like NCERT for concepts and books on numerical for solving the numericals with ease.

Preparing for JEE is not only about studying the books and mastering the concepts. You must add dimensions to your preparation by doing things that will pep up your mood and not let the monotony creep in. Furthermore, you can indulge in things that can help you get closer to the concepts that you are studying and also inspire to fight the odds and come out triumphant. A good way to break the monotony that has set in due to prolonged study hours, you can watch movies of your choice. However, if you really want to make the most of the time that you utilise in watching movies, you must watch movies which are inspirational or those who is closer to the realms of science.

Recommended movies for IIT JEE aspirants

  • 3 Idiots: 3 idiots is a movie on the lives of students who study in a premier engineering institute and have different dreams. The movie through the protagonist says that one must run after excellence, success is bound to come following you. If we draw an analogy with “Geeta”, it also says that one must put in best efforts without thinking about the outcome. If the efforts are in the right direction, success cannot elude you for a long time.
  • Batman series: Batman series is about being good or bad. It depicts situation and circumstances under which the conscience of an honest person can go for a toss and he can be entangled in all sorts of evil. It is a very inspiring movie and at the same time filled with breathtaking action scenes and chase sequences which will freshen up your mind and rejuvenate you.
  • 21: The movie 21 is about a bright student who is left to fend for himself and how he managed to pay his college fees by showcasing his skills in code talk and hand signals on a trip to Las Vegas. The movie is based on a true story and is highly inspiring.
  • The Social network: Most of the engineers and engineering aspirants must watch this movie. This movie is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who went on to become the world’s youngest billionaire. The movie depicts how ideas can change a man’ life and how important it is to pursue your dream.
  • Star Wars: If you want to witness how imagination can be used to create a different world altogether, you must see the Star War series. You will be taken aback by the computer graphics and animations work in the movie. This movie is one of the best to kill the boredom and get back to studies.

You can reward yourself with these movies once in a while. It is good to set goals for yourself and you can treat yourself with a movie. There are many movies from Hollywood and Bollywood which can inspire you in their own ways. You can follow the list of movies given here or take cues from here and look for other movies.

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