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Who exactly is Sharmaji ka beta? Sharmaji is that neighbor whose child (who happens to be in the same class as you) seems to excel in every field. If it is about studies, he gets the maximum marks; if it is about drawing and painting, he becomes a Picasso; if it is about music, he becomes a rock star-basically you name any area of interest and he will excel in it. Why do we feel jealous of him? It is mainly because of the comparison we are subjected to. But are we justified in being prejudiced towards him? This article aims to create a little place in your heart for that Sharmaji ka beta and perhaps even motivate you to befriend him.

Reasons To Sympathize With Sharmaji Ka Beta:

(1) Burnt with jealousy
No one bothers enquiring about the hard work he puts in. However, he invites the jealousy of others without any mistake of his own. Due to constant comparison with him, many a times, we can’t stand him even before we begin to understand him. In fact, the vibes of jealously are so strong that his good intentions too will be misunderstood. ex: his doubts in class are thought to be out of syllabus.

(2) A borrowed personality
His life remains a mystery. He is thought as a person who is very serious, is always engrossed in his books, does not like to socialize, is a teacher’s favorite and simply does not know how to have fun. He never gets a chance to develop his personality. Thus he has to live with this pre-determined borrowed personality gifted to him by the society.

(3) Too many expectations
Each one of us must have had the experience of having something to be proud of. However, just try to remember and feel, at that very precise moment of achievement- you will witness a sense of responsibility of having to excel each time. For this Sharmaji ka beta, this is an everyday this- he simply cannot escape it.

(4) To hear “Marks are not everything!”
You may have read this, heard this and used this many times. Imagine you achieve something and suddenly someone tells you that it was really not worth achieving. This is how Sharmaji ka beta feels every time he listens to that dialogue, “Marks are not everything”. (Perhaps he must be thinking that money does not buy happiness. True, but neither does poverty).

(5) Deprived of friend’s circle
Acquaintances run around him for notes and other help. He sometimes misinterprets to be friendship. However, once the exam season is over; he is not invited to have fun.

Instead of being jealous of the so called Sharmaji ka beta, we need to learn to appreciate him. Take a look at this link that gives a hilarious description of Sharma Ji Ka Beta. After all, as Voltaire says, “Appreciation is a good thing. It makes what is good in others belong to us as well.”

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