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Science has unearthed many secrets of this universe and explained so many things which were mystical and mysterious. Yet things remain which baffle even leading scientists and have no explanation. These unsolved conundrums baffle millions and have led to countless theories. Discover 5 of the most bizarre phenomena of the world that remain unexplained and continue to baffle humankind.

Big Foot

1. The Bigfoot – The Bigfoot legend has baffled many. It is more myth than reality and most people believe that it is just a figment of people’s imagination. An ape like creature that walks on two legs, has fur all over his body, is anywhere from six to ten feet tall and weighs half a ton, and yet not one researcher has been able to locate them. The myth persists even today, and no one knows where it came from, and why sightings of the Sasquatch by trekkers never seem to stop.


2. Aliens – Is it really so hard to believe that out of the billions of stars in this galaxy, there could be another solar system like Earth’s? Yet experts have neither been able to prove nor disprove their existence. Many legends have come to be associated with aliens, the most popular being crop circles and the infamous Area 51. Both of them are intriguing phenomena by themselves, but when combined with the whole Alien mythos, the resulting enigma has captured the attention of many across the globe.

Belmez De La Moraleda

3. The Mysterious Faces in the Floor – It is not uncommon for floors or walls to wear out and for strange shapes to appear in them. Sometimes they can even resemble human faces, but what happened in the house of Maria Pereira was so much more than that. In her quiet home in the village of Belmez, there started appearing human faces, one after the other. There are reports that say that her house stood on land that was the burial site for many civilizations over the decades.

There are also claims by many experts that these faces had been drawn by her son Diego as a prank on his mother. Whether it was something supernatural, or a prank that continued for decades, we can never know for sure.

The Stone Henge

4. The Stonehenge – A mysterious stone building standing in the middle of nowhere is enough intrigue on its own. It has been proven to be not a hoax, yet we still do not know much about it. It is believed to be at least 5000 years old and is widely believed to be the oldest surviving monument in the whole of the UK. It was built in several stages, and the earliest stones used to build it were dragged to the location over 300 kilometres away. Considering the fact that the wheels had not been invented yet, the feat is certainly very astonishing. What is more perplexing still, is the fact that we do not quite know why this structure was even built!

Bermuda Triangle Devils Triangle

5. The Bermuda Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle remains one of the biggest enigmas of this planet. An entire section of the Atlantic Ocean that has dozens of mysterious disappearances of ships as well as aircraft is something that has captured the fascination of entire generations. With more disappearances than most would want to keep track of, and considering that it is one of the busiest lines of travel for ships in the region, the Bermuda Triangle is shrouded in deep mystery. The ships and planes that vanished could not be accounted to human or machine error, thus further cementing the mystique of the Bermuda Triangle.

These five intriguing mysteries have puzzled many generations. Maybe we will have certain answers for them soon, and finally we will know what was really going on!

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