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7 Things To Remember For JEE:

As the Earth trudges around that fat, pretentious ball of fire in the sky, yet again we find ourselves dragging our feet towards the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears. Yes, the 2017 Women’s Cricket Tournament is right around the corner, folks! (What did you think? :P)

But seriously, you knew this moment had to come sometime. So here we are: a couple of months before the three hours that would inevitably decide the course of the rest of your time on this planet. Save your praise for the system for later – now is the time to get serious. You and I both know that you’ve been working a bit too hard the past few days, but have you been doing what you really need to be doing? Check out the following checklist I made so you can re evaluate your strategy. Here are 7 things to remember for JEE!

Have you covered ALL concepts? 

Yes, sounds silly but I had to get rid of the obvious ones at first. I know skipping the “less important” concepts like that thing under the reaction arrow or those incredibly dull details in inorganic chemistry do seem very tempting. But please bear in mind that examiners are aware of that fact and know how to mess with you. What separates you from the 13 lakh other people who are writing the exam with you is your attention to detail and your ability to grit your teeth and learn every last thing there is to learn.

Have you spent your time wisely? 

We’ve all been there. Personally, I would rather spend my time reading about the photoelectric effect than marvel at the beauty of Stephen’s reaction. But the trick is to realise that examiners don’t discriminate. As hard as it may seem, you must divide your time equally between all three subjects. Granted, you should spend more time in your weaker areas, but judicious time management is all you need. One of the important things to remember for JEE!

How’s your taste in music?

Yes, you read that right. Knowing how to give your brain time to rest and assimilate what it’s learnt is essential to converting it from short term to long term memory. Working all day is the worst thing you can do. So do spend time playing sports, reading novels, taking naps, listening to music and the like. I don’t need to tell you to not do these things for too long, right? I also don’t need to tell you not to tell your parents that I told you about this.

Find out how music helps you focus in this article.

Know how to revise

Just having a big brain makes the cut. The key to remembering every last concept is repetition. There is literally no other way. Human memory is pretty volatile, especially when it comes to mundane details. Revising the same thing over and over again would help solidify its place in your head. Trust me – this is one of the most important things to remember for JEE!

Have you practiced enough? 

Yes, we are officially in cliche’ territory. But it’s true: if you really want to do well, you’ll have to make a legit attempt at solving most of the problems of ALL of the textbooks in your possession. So dust that organic chemistry book and get solving!

How many papers have you done?

You are only as good as you think you are and the best way to obtain some feedback is to solve sample papers and past years’ question papers. There are tonnes of them available online and elsewhere. This is how you get to know what you are truly up against and what kind of problems you are up against. The days leading up to D-Day should be dominated by extensive paper solving under the 3 hour time cap.

Stay positive!

Ah, optimism! Our old friend! No matter what people tell you, you are just as capable as anyone else of getting into those colleges! You have enough time to turn the tables and those smirks upside down. The first thing you should do before climbing that wall is believing that you can.

So there we are: 7 things to remember before JEE, to keep in mind before you go all in. Remember that you have nothing to lose and to go out guns blazing. Unleash the 80’s Schwarzenegger in you and I’ll see you on the other side.

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