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Offbeat Career Options After Engineering

Engineering is one of the most sought-after careers for the present generation. Holding the promise of providing a least resistant route to getting a job, amid the tough competition of today, a degree in engineering has evolved and become virtually every youngster’s aspiration. However, we have also noticed an increasing trend among engineering graduates to opt for careers, which have little or no connection with engineering.

Here are the 7 most unconventional career options after engineering.

Creative Writing

With the internet making steady inroads into virtually every corner of the human civilization, writers have flourished in this age like never before. Knowing the nuances of blogging can turn you into an overnight celebrity. Besides, the new generation novelists are also finding greater acceptance among people, by virtue of their mass appeal. So, if you have the right appetite to write creative stuff and are also willing to go the extra distance in search of perfection, then a career as a writer might just be perfect for you. Arnab Ray and Chetan Bhagat are perfect examples of such success stories.

Film Making

Another career where you can get your creative juices flowing! A leading example in this field for today’s youngsters is Arunabh Kumar (The Qtiyapa Guy), the IIT Kharagpur pass-out, who carved out a niche for himself with the The Viral Fever (TVF) Videos. And there is absolutely no need to think that film making is only about struggling for years at a stretch to get the attention of those who matter! The internet gives you the platform to start small, showcase your skills and grow with time, using the right combination of skills and hard work.


Bagging an MBA degree after engineering is the latest fad today. However, being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily entail getting fancy MBA degrees under your belt. You could just as well venture into this field after you are done with engineering studies. And creating start-ups isn’t all that alien in the engineering colleges these days. Two of the most successful business ventures – Flipkart and were founded by IITians. Read here to find out about the top startups by IITians.

Event Management

Remember Bittu and Shruti from the Bollywood film ‘Band Baja Baarat’? Yes, they were event managers! And if you are a bachelor degree holder in engineering, then there is every reason you can entertain hopes of becoming an event manager. The one important quality that you must have in this field is good communication skills. Interacting with a lot of people, from various social strata, will be a part of your daily routine as an event manager. Certainly one of the most enticing career options after engineering for many!


The sight of youngsters with DSLR cameras has become quite common in engineering colleges these days. Devendra Purbiya, an IIT Kharagpur passout, has made a name for himself in this field, and budding enthusiasts ought to look up to him as a role model. Remember Farhan Qureshi (the character played by Madhavan) from the film ‘3 Idiots’? He too was an engineer-turned-photographer, albeit in the virtual world!

Game Designing

This is one of the best options for computer science engineers who wish to create something of their own, and not just stay subservient to the demands of a ‘secured job’. With computers and mobile phones ruling the roost in the urban population of today, game designing is an attractive yet offbeat career destination. Coding enthusiasts are most likely to check this out, and there is a prospering multi-million dollar entertainment industry that can absorb their skills and talents in no time!

Food Critic

No formal qualification is required, and yet you might be a well-paid professional if your taste buds are sensitive enough to make you a food critic. A rather unconventional career choice after engineering, this shall be especially appealing to the foodies out there who have their unique skill sets in analyzing the flavor of various foods. However, being a food critic might need you to abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption, which are the prerequisites for maintaining healthy and sensitive taste buds.

This was our list of the top unconventional career options after engineering. Who knows? Maybe you are the next unconventional career story to be featured here. If you think you could do with some help on your path to success, check out our blog section here for regular tips and insights.

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