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If your heart gives a strange flutter when you hear the words, “did you know?” this article is definitely for you. We may not all be the Sheldon Coopers or the Lisa Simpsons of the world, but these tiny little tidbits about science definitely have our attention and interest, every single time!


1. You know that one time you Googled about travelling to the moon and back? Now you know what to do. Just drive straight up!

2. You know what this means, right? No more skipping the burger or eating that obnoxiously green salad. All you need is a backpacking trip to the moon, a weighing scale and a camera to take that #WorkoutSelfie!

3. We know you’re trying it right now. We know you are!


4. Arrr…who’s up for that epic swim in the ocean, mateys? We’ve prepped up the Black Pearl for ya!


5. Seems unreal, huh? Well, the next time you mum asks you to shed a few kilos you picked up in Diwali, show her this fact and blow her mind!


6. When they said, “My heart is beating…keeps on repeating.”, they meant it. Actually, now you don’t have to worry about being a millionaire by the time you are 30. You already are a billionaire in your heart! (see what we did there? :P)


7. Okay, so at this point it looks like if you have body image issues, just move to space. The experience would literally be, out of this world!


8. Seems less, doesn’t it?

Watch this space for more OMG Science facts. Meanwhile, as you are enjoying your summer vacations, check out these blissful things we do in our vacations.

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