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Aakash or Allen – The Perpetual Debate

When it comes to pre-medical coaching, no one wants to take a chance. Proper guidance is essential during this crucial time. However, even after you join an institute; it is you who has to study well. The teachers there will only guide you. It is your responsibility to plan and work accordingly.

Lets talk about Aakash first:

  1. It holds it’s head office at New Delhi.
  2. It has many branches in different cities in India.
  3. So, you don’t need to move out of your town if you have an institute in your hometown.
  4. Aakash has a co-educational system. Students during this age are pretty susceptible to diversions. So, according to me, co-educational system should not be preferred if you are moving away from your hometown. Don’t judge me. I said so because these distractions will come in your way towards your career.
  5. The study material provided by this institute is sufficient for studies.
  6. The test papers are N.C.E.R.T. based and almost equal the level of final examination.
  7. Here is a link to the main website.

Here is some information on Allen:

  1. It has its head office at Kota.
  2. Since it has only three branches, you have to go to Kota, Ahemdabad or Punjab to study from this institute.
  3.  It has very good study material. It is in very lucid language and you can study by your own too.
  4. Allen has separate classes for boys and girls. This cuts off distractions to quite a good extent.
  5. Allen has different classes for different standards. Nurtures for 11th standard, Enthusiast course for 12th standard, Leaders course for droppers and Achievers course for repeaters (Dropper means taking a gap of 1 year and repeaters means gap of more than 1 year).
  6. Allen has also a special feature that it holds an everyday evening doubt counters. It is a session where many teachers are available for every subject during the evening hours. Any student can approach any of the teachers there, for asking any difficulties. These difficulties include anything and everything ranging from asking MCQs as doubts to teachers explaining you a complete chapter all-together.
  7. The study material is based on N.C.E.R.T. text books and so it is very easily understood and once you are thorough with the concepts, you can solve most of the MCQs provided for practice.
  8. They hold “Open Sessions” . These sessions include distribution of medals to top 8 students of every test, some fun recreational activities and some motivational songs by the Head of Departments of every subject. These sessions are really good and you get filled with new enthusiasm. This new spurt of energy will allow you to maintain you efficacy throughout your study period in Kota.
  9. You can view further details on the main website here.


These are my views regarding the debate on Aakash or Allen. Both are good institutes. If you have a good institute in your hometown, I would suggest you to join it. But, if you do not have one; joining Allen would not disappoint you. The only thing you have to be worried about is that Kota is a place full of distractions. You need to keep yourself focused on your studies and let no distraction hamper your studies and your career. And as I said, teacher will only teach you. It is you who have to make the effort to plan, study and score well. It is a combined responsibility shared by the institute and the student. Thus even the credit for scoring well does not rest only with the teacher or the student alone.

I would suggest you to visit the websites and depending on above stated factors, take an appropriate decision on whether to join Aakash or Allen. If you have a good institute nearby your hometown, prefer that. Else, Allen is a much better option.

Till then Work hard and keep away from distractions. Spread a smile and stay positive!

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