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What is Absenteeism?

Absenteeism has become a common phenomenon nowadays in schools and it refers to unscheduled absence from school for various reasons. This habit is considered to be harmful in the long run as it not only impacts the performance of the absentee but also instills a laidback attitude. There are several causes of Absenteeism which you will learn about in this article in addition to the measures which can be taken to prevent it.


Causes of Absenteeism

1. Too many distractions

In today’s world where everything is at our fingertips, people tend to get distracted easily and lose interest in studies. This era of smartphones makes it difficult to stop your mind from wandering. Therefore, this easy access to entertainment makes the child stay at home more.

2. Sickness

People suffering from long term ailments usually skip school citing health reasons. The ones with a weak immunity system also fall ill easily which requires them to stay at home. Children often do not eat healthily and prefer junk food, which is one of the main reasons for falling ill.

3. Bullies

A very common yet dangerous trend of bullying puts the student’s safety in jeopardy. In other words, many become fearful and intimidated by their senior or even classmates. They avoid going to school instead of talking about it.

4. Mental Health

As physical health is a reason to be absent from school, so is mental health. In this critical period of adolescence, the mental health of a student is greatly affected due to various reasons. Some of them are poor grades, family problems and more.

5. Coaching

Competition is growing day by day, and parents pressurize their kids to excel in every sphere. Lack of adequate learning at school also drives these kids to opt for outside sources. They join private coaching to do so, which results in additional exertion and absenteeism.

Measures of Absenteeism

The measures for preventing absenteeism are not that hard and can be taken up by everyone. If practiced meticulously, absenteeism can also be prevented and create a much-needed change in today’s educational system.

1. Encourage Everyone

Every student is not the same, however, many fail to understand that. Poor grades and failed attempts tend to discourage them. But, this should be changed. Instead of demoralizing them for their performance, encourage them to do better. Try to instill confidence in them, make them realized they are worth it.

2. Extra-curricular Activities

All work and no play makes you dull. It is true, and it happens with students as well. But, if the school incorporates extra-curricular activities in their curriculum, students will be excited to go to school. Different clubs and activities should be offered for recreation purposes. To create more interesting classroom activities, read about it here.

3. Positive Environment

Creating an environment free from bullying and harassment will help a lot. When students feel they can walk in the hallway without being intimidated, they will not skip school. Make sure to recognize the early signs and prevent it from happening. A safe and positive environment will bring about a change indefinitely.

4. Extra Support

Sometimes students cannot afford to come to school due to financial reasons. The school must reach out to those in need, and help them every step of the way. Make those extra supplies available for them so they do not feel lesser than any kid.

5. Make Learning Fun

Do not go for the boring and traditional methods of teaching. Students hardly grasp anything from them. They should not mug up everything but understand it clearly. Try to incorporate exciting methods and include every student. Involvement of the class will make students enthusiastic and regular.

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