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BITS, Pilani will conduct an online BITSAT 2018 for admission to various undergraduate courses in science and technology at various exam centres in India and Dubai. Here are some tips to ace BITSAT 2018.

Strategy To Ace BITSAT 2018:

  • BITSAT, primarily, tests your theoretical knowledge based on the NCERT curriculum. Thus, study NCERT books thoroughly to erase every speck of concept related doubts before appearing for BITSAT 2018. It has been noticed that rarely a question is asked that is beyond the scope of NCERTs.
  • This is possibly the only examination where you can score more than the maximum marks by attempting the extra 12 bonus questions. You can attempt these extra questions only if you have solved all the 150 questions. They are based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics 4 each. It is wiser to check the 150 answers before opting for the bonus questions as once you land on the bonus questions, there is no going back to those 150 questions you answered.
  • The exam has a section devoted to English language skill. Generally, students tend to ignore preparations for this section as they are more consumed with other important subjects. Given the competition, doing well at English will help you scoring a good rank in BITSAT 2018.
  • Another important section asked in BITSAT is the Logical Reasoning. The mocks can give you ample insight into the pattern of the questions asked and makes you adept at solving this type of questions. Though it is a smaller portion (1/6) of the test you still can score better and improve your overall ranking. These questions require lesser effort to solve as compared to other sections.
  • Another important aspect to strategically plan is the exam simulation. BITSAT 2018 is an online test and candidates who are used to pen-paper approach experience a lot of difference while giving the test online. In order to align to the  online test experience, you should solve ample number of mock tests online in your preparation period.

Plan to crack BITSAT 2018

Solving mock tests has dual benefits for you; it not only gives you enough practice for BITSAT 2018 but also helps you gain an excellent problem solving pace. Solve at least one mock paper on each day of your BITSAT 2018 preparation. The more you practise mocks, the better are your chances of finishing the paper in time and then you can attempt the bonus questions as well. Mark the questions important or difficult as you practise them from mocks so you can attempt them again later. It is best to solve mocks once you are satisfied with your BITSAT 2018 preparation. The mocks are a good way to revise and at the same time can underline areas of your strength and weakness.

Tips for BITSAT 2018

  1. For Maths section, study from NCERT and refer to materials from your coaching class, if any. Maths carries maximum marks in BITSAT. So, improve your speed to score well in Maths.
  2. For Chemistry section, the only trick that will work is studying all the chemical reactions from inorganic and organic chemistry. Moreover, solving numericals from physical chemistry will be helpful. Try to finish your Chemistry paper within 30 minutes so you can devote extra time on lengthier sections.
  3. For Physics section, study Electro-statics, Electrodynamics and Mechanics chapters as they form a significant part of the exam.  Apart from this, study Modern Physics as it is quite scoring.
  4. For Verbal/Logical sections, try to practice and prepare from books like Arihant/MTG. This is in addition to learning to build your vocabulary. There are several mock tests available on net that give ample practice for logical reasoning part.
  5. Time management is very crucial in BITSAT. You can utilize some precious time on tougher sections. Solve simpler questions quickly rather than getting stuck with tougher ones.

It is futile to aim for a specific score that can fetch you a given branch at your preferred campus. The cut offs change with the changes in the difficulty level of the exam so it would be better if you aim for a comprehensive score. A target of 325-330 marks should be considered decent enough for BITSAT. Practise many questions and test series to test your concept knowledge, monitor time and improve your weak areas

View the complete list of BITSAT exam centres here.

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