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After living in the constrained environment where you are surrounded by books, books and more books, the sudden emptiness of having almost nothing to do after JEE seems empty. Fear not! Since we have felt this before we know how you should utilize your time to experience the delicious freedom that lies before you. Here are some fun things to do after JEE to help relax your mind and recharge yourself.

Things To Do After JEE:


For the last few years you may have sacrificed your social life to spend more time with Clemmensen reduction and motion of charged particles. Now is the ideal time to reunite with lost friends and plan a blast. Let your hair lose or tie them up and chill with them. Go to movies, talk about random stuff and exchange stories and experiences. You’ll be surprised how time flies especially when you meet non-JEE students.


It’s high time you pestered your parents to take you for a trip somewhere. Two years of toil deserves a bit of relaxation. Whether it is the backwaters of Kerala or the beaches of Goa take time to plan that perfect vacation that you’ve wanted all these years. Go the whole hog; spoil yourself because  it will be worth it.


Remember those good old days of the 8th standard when there was no burden in life. It’s time to relive them. We know you’ve become all rusty and unhealthy but strap on those studs and get yourself there. With the onset of the monsoon we cannot think of what can be a more liberating experience than rain drenched football.


As a child reading, writing, debating or acting may have floated your boat. You may have fancied yourself as the next Prabhudeva style breakdancer or may have been the bathroom Vishal Dadlani. Whatever it may be, pick it up from after JEE. Indulging in hobbies again will be your USP in college too. Pursuing your hobbies will be the best investment of your time and give you a meaning and path to pursue something to attain perfection.


Most of you would be moving out of the comfort of home for the first time. This is that weird transition phase when personal ownership of life is expected of you. To equip yourself you should learn important skills like driving, swimming and even cooking. You never know when one of these life skills might come in handy after JEE. Learn or brush up the languages you don’t know as yet but have interested you for long. Most importantly become aware about money and costs. Being able to manage your money effectively is an essential skill you will need to survive college and of course life in general.

We’ve given you enough to trigger your mind and body which has been tuned to just one thought for the last couple of years.

Try to relax and have some fun before the counselling starts and you have to choose a branch and college.

PS: As we take off we wish to add that make sure you pass on your books and valuable advice to students who approach you for help and there definitely will be a number of them.

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