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What are Agencies of Guidance?

Guidance refers to the process of assisting individuals to discover their vocational, educational, and psychological potential. An agency refers to an organization which provides a specific service. Therefore, an agency of guidance refers to those agencies which impart guidance to individuals. The main objective of such an agency is to help an individual shape his destiny.

Agencies of guidance certainly help an individual to achieve an optimal level of social usefulness. Furthermore, an individual finds true peace and personal happiness through such agencies. Most noteworthy, such agencies direct an individual towards the opportunities available to him. Moreover, there are plenty of agencies in an individual’s life. However, the most important agencies of guidance are home and school.

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Home as an Agency of Guidance

An individual’s home is certainly a very important agency of guidance. One’s home is certainly the first source of guidance for every individual. Furthermore, a child receives home guidance from the childhood phase. Therefore, the guidance received from home creates a very strong psychological impact on a person. The home serves an agency of guidance in the following ways:

Shapes personality- Homes certainly help in shaping the personality of an individual. Kids start developing their sense of self as babies from home. One’s parents and siblings play a big part in that. Furthermore, kids see themselves through their parents’ eyes. Most noteworthy, kids absorb the voice, body language, and every expression of their parents and siblings.

Ethical values- Homes impart values of ethics and morality in the kids. Furthermore, kids learn right and wrong behaviour from their parents. This is certainly a very crucial aspect of development in children. Therefore, homes play a tremendous influence on an individual’s mentality for the rest of his life. Whether an individual turns to be a saint or a criminal almost always depends upon his home.

Understanding of rules- Kids receive guidance from home regarding the importance of obeying rules and regulations. The limits set by parents help in creating a sense of understanding of rules in individuals. Furthermore, parents probably impose punishments when kids break the set limits. This provides valuable guidance to individuals about the consequences of breaking rules and regulations.

School as an Agency of Guidance

School is certainly a major agency of guidance. This is because guidance is a very integral part of education. Furthermore, students definitely require the assistance of teachers. Most noteworthy, no student can reach his maximum potential without appropriate guidance from schools. Moreover, school guidance help students in making feasible and suitable career plans. Also, getting a reputable and good career in life depends upon guidance from the school. The school provides guidance in:

  • School help in the maximization of the potential of the students
  • Assessing the pupil’s interests, capacities, abilities, needs, for doing any work
  • Making appropriate and efficient future plans for pupils
  • Schools certainly assist in making the proper decision regarding an educational career
  • Making satisfactory adjustments at home, school and society with desirable outcomes
  • Helping students reach self-realization, self-development, self-direction, and self-actualization

Components of School as an Agency of Guidance

Every school must have a guidance committee. This committee is very important in order to efficiently organize guidance services. Furthermore, such a committee would ensure proper and systematic management of guidance services of the school. Below are the various components of the school guidance committee:

The principal- The principal is the person who has the most authority in the school agency. The principal is certainly the chairperson of the school guidance committee.

Counsellor- The counsellor acts as the secretary cum-governor of the school guidance committee. The counsellor plays a vital role in the counselling of students.

Staff representative- This refers to a senior teacher of the school. Furthermore, the staff representative acts as an ex-officio member of the guidance committee.

School medical officer- This individual acts as an important member of the school guidance committee.

Experts- These are few experts belonging to various fields. They are also a part of the guidance committee.

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