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AIIMS or the All India Institute of Medical Sciences denote a group of public autonomous medical colleges. Similar to IITs and IIMs they are present in different cities. The very first AIIMS was established in New Delhi in the year 1956. The governing body which reviews the quality and other critical aspects of these medical institutions is the Medical Council of India (MCI). There are approximately 273 medical schools in India that have been recognized by the MCI as per a current survey. Similar to engineering, aspirants looking to joining the AIIMS need to take up the entrance exams, post completion of the board exams.

Studying and passing out from a reputed college does have its own value in the job market as well for the future. In the current world, there is an increasing trend where several countries are willing to take candidates from abroad. There is a separate market for those wishing to pursue education outside India. So if a country needs to hold on to its talent, the institutions imparting the education should also be of quality and repute. They need to have a name in the international education market as a top-notch institution. AIIMS in India is one such medical institution, which has established itself among the top colleges in the world. According to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) 2016, AIIMS is ranked at the 826th place with a national ranking of 13. Considering the fact that there a few thousand institutions all over the globe, this is indeed a remarkable standing. The below is an extract taken from the CWUR on the other aspects on which the universities are ranked.


Ranking aside, if one wishes to open practice in India after completion of studies, the best experience would be to study in one’s own country. While Harvard tops the list on any survey, it may not be possible for every aspirant to land there. The other best options would be to study in China or Russia. In recent years, medical education is China is gaining popularity. However one has to take into account the language barrier (most of what is learned may be lost in translation!) and the level of comfort in a foreign soil (that is definitely not democratic). There is also the question of how many attempts will be required to pass the FMCG (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination), assuming one has completed medical studies abroad. In order to register a medical practice in India, the MCI has to approve and this can be procured only post passing the FMCG. The entire process involves huge amount of money, time and effort to be spent with no guarantee about the results!

Recently India Today did an article on medicine and quoted AIIMS as being lonely at the top! It is indeed true given the fact that there are very few universities even close to the competition. As one alumni (working in Harvard) beautifully said, “it gives its students the confidence and experience to compete anywhere, be it the global workplace or India’s new corporate healthcare sector”.

medTo quote a few statistics about AIIMS: about 629 teachers, all super specialists, put in 36,000 hours a year to train the Gen Next of Indian medicine. MBBS students rub shoulders with the veterans for 1,000 hours of clinical experience. They get their hands dirty in the 120 laboratories up to 6 hours a week. With 71,827 books, 568 digital databases and over 80,000 journals in the library, they burn the midnight oil along with their teachers who publish the largest quantum of medical research in the country!

As Mark Twain said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please!” For all you aspirants out there, as with everything in life, there are pros and cons to any situation. You need to review which weighs heavier and make your choices appropriately.

AIIMS is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country. Hence, you need to plan and strategize properly to crack it! Find some tips and tricks to crack AIIMS 2017 in this article. Also, check out the books one must have for AIIMS preparation in this article.

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