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If there is one thing that all AIIMS toppers swear by, it is to go through the previous years’ practice papers. They believe nothing means business as solving the past years’ aiims question papers which help not only to assess the problem areas but also boost confidence.

Mentors endorse it, students worship it and parents recommend it.

It is believed that cracking AIIMS is as difficult as cracking walnuts with bare hands, but as they say, practice makes perfect and the best way to start the practice is by solving previous years’ aiims question papers.

Do not believe this? Hear it from the topper:

Nishita Purohit from Gujarat was the All India topper for AIIMS 2017 having secured 100 pc in her entrance exam. The AIR 1 holder strictly emphasizes the usefulness of solving sample question papers and question papers from the previous years. She says, “It helps to map the pattern of questions that can be expected and thus this helps one to be prepared for what is to come. Not to mention it is also helpful for effective time management as once to start solving these question papers it tells you where you stand; thereon you can improve your technique, speed, and accuracy.”

Several private teaching institutions like classroom coaching centres prepare mock question papers for AIIMS MBBS exams with the help of experts and mentors. They then put the aspirants in a simulated exam environment to assess and analyze their preparation.

Tamoghna Ghosh, with an All India Rank of 3 from the state of West Bengal also abided by the private coaching system. He said in an interview, “I had enrolled in two coaching institutions- one was a classroom coaching centre called Aakash and the other being a distance learning coaching centre, namely Allen Kota. Here, I appeared for periodic mock tests that tested my skills and abilities. The questions for the mock tests were similar to the AIIMS MBBS question pattern and often adopted from the past years’ aiims question papers. My mentors used to assess and analyze the tests to point out my problem areas and work on them.”

It is easy to find sample question papers and past question papers online. Just search AIIMS MBBS question paper and you will get a plethora of links. However, before moving on, here are some common tips to overcome the exam jitters & to prepare well for AIIMS.

Common exam jitters

  • Unpreparedness
  • Exam Phobia
  • Poor Time Management
  • Low Scores

The six-step procedure

To overcome the above-mentioned exam jitters and pass the AIIMS MBBS with flying colours, go through the six-step procedure.

  1. Methodical Preparation: Perfection through practice, usually through mock tests and question paper solving.
  2. Comprehensive Assessment: Regular qualified guidance by mentors and experts.
  3. Effective Time Management: Clock-bound tests.
  4. Structured Test Series: Divide study materials into daily, weekly, quarterly, half-yearly and full-length sections to stay in touch with the syllabus.
  5. Competent Counselling: Fight exam fears with a friendly career counselor.
  6. Improved Grades: Bid farewell to failures at the final step.

Importance of solving papers

The whole idea of solving question papers revolves around preparedness. We believe that reading the entire syllabus is just not enough. Any preparation is incomplete without evaluation.

The mock tests are designed in such a manner that a student would be subjected to very methodical, structured and time-bound tests throughout the year. These usually have questions set by experts which are similar to the question pattern of AIIMS MBBS entrance exam. Questions are usually revised every year to stay relevant. Most institutions follow this pattern.

Individual care is taken to ensure step-wise improvement for every student. The result of regular assessments would be communicated to respective students.  Students can then analyze their own performance, compare it with their school peers as well as their zonal counterparts.

There are often dedicated tutoring programs, doubt-clearing sessions, one-to-one mentoring, confidence building workshops and many such activities.

These are also provided by some online career service providers.

Analysing the AIIMS test structure

In order to solve the question papers and appear at mock tests, it is imperative to understand the pattern and structure of the test. Familiarising oneself with the test begins with knowing that the AIIMS MBBS exam has 200 questions of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and reason-assertion, each pertaining to the study matter of grade 12. 140 questions are MCQ based and 60 are Reason Assertion.

The exam is for 3 hours 30 minutes and occurs in two shifts. Shift 1 is from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and shift 2 is from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Languages allowed are English and Hindi. For each of the 200 questions, there is 1 mark for every correct answer. Negative marking is there as one-third mark is deducted for the wrong attempt.

Subject wise question division is as follow:

  • Physics- 60 questions
  • Chemistry- 60 questions
  • Biology which includes Botany and Zoology- 60 questions
  • General knowledge-based question- 10
  • Aptitude and Logical thinking- 10 questions

AIIMS MBBS Questions: An example

Here are some sample questions from AIIMS MBBS 2013 entrance exam.

For satellite communication which wave is used?

  1. Space Wave
  2. Sky wave
  3. Ground wave
  4. Microwave

The above is an example of Physics based MCQ.

Here is one from the GK section:

Where was the first share market of India established?

  1. Mumbai
  2. Kolkata
  3. Delhi
  4. Chennai

The example of a Reason Assertion question is as follow:

Q: A mutual exchange of sperms occurs between two earthworms during mating.

It is thus believed that practice makes one perfect!

AIIMS Question Papers from previous years

You can find below some of the previous year’s AIIMS question papers for your reference –

AIIMS-paper-2008-Question Paper

AIIMS-paper-2009-Question Paper





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