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On May the 3rd of 2015, AIPMT was conducted countrywide by the CBSE. This day could have been a day of relief for more than 6 lakh aspirants, if only the means were all fair. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, AIPMT-2015 brought forth the nation one of the biggest and ugliest Cheating Scandals. To offer a perspective, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharasthra, Odisha and Haryana were the firsthand states named in the investigation.

Initial Reports

The Exam was conducted on 3rd May, 2015. Immediately thereafter on 4th, news reports started surfacing in many dailies disclosing that 90 answer keys had been transmitted to the candidates during the examination, in consideration of Rs.15 to 20 lakhs and that Rohtak Police had meanwhile arrested 7 persons including 2 doctors and one MBBS student for conspiring to effectuate the said plot. Reference was also made to the disclosures in the investigation, to the effect that the arrested individuals in collusion with others had arranged for supplying vests fitted with SIM card etc. apart from Bluetooth device to facilitate transmission of answer keys through such appliances to the users thereof. It was mentioned, that the same gang had been involved in the leakage of AIIMS Medical Examination in the year 2012 by applying the same modus operandi. Revelations in the investigation underway demonstrated the use of unfair and illicit means, thus vitiating the examination as a whole, denuding it of its credibility and sanctity. The necessity of holding a fresh examination was emphasized upon.

Roop Singh Dangi

The scandal was a brainchild of Roop Singh. He had managed to get a hand on the Answer Keys . Rule of the game was that a sum of 20 lakhs will be taken from each interested AIPMT candidate/aspirant, one third of which would be given to the person bringing in the candidate. Through the ‘One Third’ incentive, he lured many Doctors and MBBS students to help him materialise the scandal. He forwarded the Answer Keys to his aides. They further forwarded it to their referal candidates. Dangi had also booked 4 rooms in a ‘Shakti Resort’ of District Behror on 2nd of May, 2015.

The Aide Vehicle

On the 3rd of May, based on information received that four people involved in the scandal were moving around in a swift numbered HR-XXX-XXXX, raids were conducted by the Haryana Police and the said car was found. Dr. Bhupender Singh was said to be driving the car and Answer Key to the Code-G of the test was found in the Mobile number he carried. Numbers to which the key was forwarded were recovered at this point which led to the arrest of many beneficiary candidates. Similarly, answers to the Code-F were found forwarded by the mobiles recovered from Dr. Sanjeet and Dr. Gautam. It was revealed that out of 123 ‘solved’ answers of code “G” found in the mobile set of arrested accused Dr. Bhupender, 102 answers were found correct while comparing with the answer key provided by the CBSE on their official website. 42 out of 50 were found correct for the Code-F. This raised doubts of sloppy work from Board’s end which was later ruled out.


Also recovered from the Swift were cartons of ‘Specialised vests’ which could be fixed with SIM card, blutooth device etc. On further investigation it was found that these vests were obtained from a ‘SPY SHOP’ owned by Subhash Shrivastava. Subhash demanded a total amount of Rs. 60,000 against exchange of 300 such vests. Many aspirants in different locations were caught with such vests on the day of the examination. Subhash had demanded 4 times the amount normally charged for such vests since illegal practices were involved.

The MBBS Students

After questioning the arrested candidates, it was found that Vijay Yadav & Rahul Verma, students of MBBS of a much prestigiuous college had gotten through AIPMT the previous year through the same modus operandi. In 2015, they managed to lure 4 candidates for the same scheme which benefited them against exchange of hefty amounts from each candidate they brought. Having cheated their way into the colleges, their careers in Medical were killed after their names came up in AIPMT-2015 scandal.


Senior Advocate appearing for the Union of India as well as the CBSE had asserted, Board having taken all precautions to hold the examination fairly and in accordance with the law, it cannot in any view of the matter be held liable for any lapse. He pointed out that only 45 benificiaries were confirmed. Results of these could be withheld and no need of re-examination was there. However the Honorable Supreme Court said that a total of 358 Mobile phones and 300 ‘Specialised vests’ pointed to a number clearly higher than 44. So, given the small time decision window, it was best to annul AIPMT, 2015 already held. Also the Board was directed to conduct the exam withing 4 weeks from when the SC order was issued.

All in all, the people involved in the case should serve as an example for Candidates, Medical students or anyone else to refrain from any such acts. Every candidate involved was debarred from AIPMT. Getting involved in a scandal such as this can earn you bucks but it will earn you a very bad name for yourself, which is worse.

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