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Air conditioner is the basic need in hot weather struck regions of the world. They cool the atmosphere by preventing the moisture and release the humidity by converting it into the droplets. Since its invention, air conditioners are in super duper in demand appliance.

How does an air conditioner work?

air conditioner

There is a chemical in the air conditioner outer unit where gas is filled which converts into the liquid form and this process continues until the compressor is on. The chemical is utilized to transfer the heat of the room to outside the room via pipeline in the form of water. The machine consists of 3 major parts i.e. compressor meant for cooling, condenser and evaporator. Moreover, compressor and condenser are located at the air portion unit of the AC whereas evaporator is located inside the house. The moment conditioner is on; the fluid leads to the compressor section as a cool gas which is low in pressure. The job of the compressor is to squeeze the fluid. The molecules of the fluid are now packed closely together. Hence, the close connection of the molecules is what required generating cool air and releasing the heat outside.

air conditioner

At the end, fluid is still inside the compressor and when it leaves the chamber as a hot air, the high pressure gas flows into the condenser chamber. There is a part i.e. metal finds located in the outer unit. These fins are put into action like a car radiator and they help to release the hat away. Now, condenser releases the working fluid while its temperature is cooler and it has altered from the gas property to a liquid form under augmented pressure. The liquid is shifted to the evaporator chamber through a small hole. The pipeline is attached out of which chill water droplets falls out.

air conditioner

The front portion of the conditioner which is installed in your room has air vent which sucks the heat with pressure and that hot air travels in the lower ducts. The hot is cooled with the help of the gas in the evaporator section. The moment hot air comes in contact with the chemical; the cool air is generated from the same vent.

So in any case you feel that compressor is on but air conditioner is not releasing the cool air from the vents, then call the expert and tell them that gas is less in the chamber and it is not able to convert the heat into the cool air.

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