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Airplanes’ Black Boxes are also called flight recorders. These are electronic tools used for recording information on an airplane. The recorded information is used to get a clear picture of an airplane during severe incident like a crash.

Airplanes’ Black Boxes

Let’s learn some more about Airplanes’ Black Boxes. ap

There are basically two types of these recorders carried by airplanes. The first one is flight data recorder which makes a record of several instructions sent to the electronic systems of the plane. The second one is the cockpit voice recorder which makes a record of different conversations, sounds and radio communications in the cockpit. Recorders can also be the part of the same unit sometimes. The work procedure of airplanes’ black boxes can be explained by the following points:

  • Airplanes’ black boxes are generally bright orange in color and they are specifically designed to endure extreme temperatures and forces. These are positioned in the aircraft’s tail where they do not have the likelihood of encountering any sort of impact.
  • Safety investigators who are required to establish the reason behind an airplane accident need to retrieve this black box for getting genuine information. The black box is virtually an indestructible device which records relevant flight conversations and data in the cockpit.
  • The flight recorder is basically a recording device that is heavily protected and is very similar to a memory card or a hard disk. The modern day black boxes are available as units that can record data in one device only and there is no need for two separate devices. These boxes are tested before they are out into effective use. They are tested to withstand impacts with a concrete wall at the speed of 750 kilometers per hour. There are other testing parameters like static load of 2.25 tons for minimum five minutes, water pressure upto 6000 meters and maximum temperature of 1,100 degree Celsius for minimum one hour.
  • These devices send signals ones they come into contact with salt water and therefore they can easily be found at sea. Their signals can be picked up at a range of two kilometers.
  • All sounds and conversations in the cockpit are recorded by the voice recorder and this also includes private conversations. Automatic computer announcements, discussions with crew, announcements made to passengers and radio traffic are all recorded by the voice recorder. It even records the sounds of engine and switches. The captured or stored audio files need to be handled very carefully. Discussions need to be evaluated precisely for clarifying malfunctions and accidents. Recording are overwritten post 120 minutes while recordings of just thirty minutes are stored by older devices.

With the recent incidents of air-planes that went missing, it is crucial to understand how Airplanes’ Black Boxes work. And if creation of this is something which fascinates you, you should definitely pursue it.

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