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Applications for scholarships have already been called for the year under the newly formed Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University students. These applications are generally of those candidates who have already finished their plus two examinations in the month of March under the patronage of the state board in Kerala and are now being considered for the reward of such a newly formed Central scholarship scheme. These schemes are usually aimed at aiding all of the low-income families of the state who have it difficult to make ends meet with the day to day expenditure on higher education that a student now incurs in the country. Let us get familiarized with some important details related to Scholarship Kerala.

Details that students must be familiarized with

If a student is looking to get enrolled in a scholarship program for his or her higher education, it will do them good to know that almost eighty-two thousand scholarships will be dispersed to colleges as also universities for the students in the country that falls under the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students. It must also be noted that post setting aside of fixed allocated numbers of scholarships for the education board of CBSE and ICSE and the students studying under it, the scholarships are then divided among the students of the state board. This distribution, however, depends upon the population of students who are within the age group of eighteen to twenty-five in all of the states. There is also a fixed scheme wherein the ratio of 3:2:1 of scholarships are going to be dispersed depending upon whether the student has studied science, commerce or humanities, respectively. But it must duly be noted that the number of scholarships distributed to boys is the same as girls.

How are students selected for it                      

It must be made known to anyone looking to have more knowledge about the scheme of distribution of these scholarships that each year the students are selected to be given scholarships based on the performance that they have come up with in their plus two examinations. A percentage of eighty is the minimum required for eligibility for any Kerala scholarship. It must also be said that students who have written their plus two examinations this year during the March session, with the exception of the boards of CBSE and ICSE, have already begun their first year of undergraduate, professional courses in the stipulated colleges and universities and it is these students that can consider applying for such scholarships, according to the instructions given by official releases on Kerala scholarship.

Certain guidelines to be followed

There are certain rules laid down by the Central Sector when it comes to distributing these scholarships among students. A student belonging to a non-creamy layer as judged by the Department of Personnel and Training, who has not yet availed any other scholarship is eligible to receive one from them. In addition to that, the annual family income of these students must not be more than that of four lacs fifty thousand. The scheme in which these scholarships are handed out to students is also subject to the element of Reservation. Therefore, at the time of application for scholarship made by the students, among other things, he or she will also have to produce the income certificate of all earning members of the household the student belongs to in addition to providing a joining report that has been signed by the head of the college or university that the student is currently going to for their undergraduate course.

In case of need for more information

Students who are keen on keeping constant tabs on any information that may have been announced by the Central Sector about Kerala scholarship may check out the details provided by the Department of Collegiate Education the link to which is > Certain information on the same subject is also provided on the website > It must be taken care of that the application that the candidate has filled in reaches the Special officer, the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Government Sanskrit College, Palayam as also Trivandrum within the middle of January. The name of the scholarship a student is applying for must be written and specified on the front of the envelope that will hold your application.

The principles of renewal

Once a student has managed to fulfill all criterions and been awarded the scholarship it will keep getting renewed at the beginning of each new year of the same course provided that the conditions the Central Sector has for renewal are met. In the case of graduate education, the amount of scholarship will be one thousand rupees a month for the first three years of your course in a college or university and two thousand rupees every month in case of postgraduate studies. In case you are a student pursuing a professional course, a scholarship of two thousand rupees per month will be awarded to you during the fourth and fifth year of your college. It must also be made known to each student that he or she will only be subject to renewal of scholarship each year if they have managed to progress and promote to the next year having secured a score of sixty percent in their aggregate in each of the semesters. There are also various requirements of attendance percentage and behavioral dictates that a student must match up to if they wish for renewal.

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