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Amit Sengupta, Blogger, and YouTuber is the man behind transforming a student’s journey to crack UPSC, SSC CGL, and other competitive exams.

In annexation to the knowledge hub on the website, he integrates his educational funnel with more educational videos on his YouTube channel.

He is also on the screens through Instagram, making geography simple with maps, videos, pictures, ideas, illustrations, write-ups.

What is Amit aiming for?

His aim is to create a digital marketplace to connect students with the strategies and knowledge inevitable to crack any competitive examinations.

This concept is the first of its kind, and in the decade since, his dedication is to move individualized learning forward.

Using the advanced methodology, Amit has provided a platform where topics are uploaded not only for understanding new things but also for unleashing the resourcefulness for revision of topics for the final touch.

What’s on Amit’s Website?

On his website, he covers all the relevant topics, indispensable for a preparation toolkit for an aspirant. Here is a preview of the topics he covers.


The content on the site is more than enough for any aspirant who wants to attempt the papers confidently.

On the footer of his website, you can see topics on various subjects from the point of view of various exams, updates from current affairs, a special excerpt from the NCERT geography books, with solved papers. All in all, a total knowledge booster for the students.


Creating Videos on YouTube Channel

Amit started his YouTube channel in September 2012, and the channel is seeing a rising graph in terms of views and subscribers. All credit goes to the valued content.

Till date, he has around more than 250 uploads and more than 270K subscribers. ENSO – El Nino Southern Oscillation, La Nina, Walker circulation has been the most-watched video till date.

The viewers are satisfied and have reverted with thankful complements for the initiative taken by Amit for the video content.


Using Social Media to reach more Students

The Instagram account,@geographysimple is a gallery where as per the bio, he demonstrates few geography concepts with meme visualizations with explanations in the captions.


With the ever increasing valuation of different topics through different channels, Amit has been up the rides to make the vastness of the syllabus for UPSC and other examinations, pierced into subtopics, which the aspirants find suitable to digest as a power booster during their preparation journey.

The topics over the website and other channels are exquisitely arranged to give a classroom-like feeling, allowing the students to follow a proper procedure during the study schedule.

With the high equipped platform created, Amit proves to be an efficient and resourceful mentor for any aspirant on their journey.

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