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Olympiads: Building A Strong Base!

The glorious Taj Mahal took around 20 years to be the epitome of beauty it is today. In today’s time, one can hardly imagine to mimic the skill and workmanship that existed during our historic period, even with the assistance of enormous machines. That is the level of development it takes to build a skill. After all, Rome was not built in a day, and nor can a mind end up being bright without putting it through strenuous practice, or better put, Olympiads.

There are several primary skills and qualities that need to be inculcated in a student before he or she starts preparing for an entrance exam. These precursors to preparations help a student tackle various aspects of an exam, as it not just the knowledge of subject that helps you win the trophy. Being a meticulous student myself, I regular took part in Mathematics and Science Olympiads of National and International level, from a very young age. The bittersweet results it brought along were of course quite welcome, but so was how these exams shaped me for the ultimate entrance test, JEE.

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So how exactly does appearing in Olympiads at younger standards help you? Read on to find out its perks!

  • Discipline towards the subject: Students often study subject matter on their own, apart from what is taught in the school. But this study remains haphazard as it lacks particular goal and specialized syllabus. Due to this, students tend to read as they feel fit and never really grow as far as their knowledge is concerned. Olympiads provide you with a specific date before which you are supposed to finish your preparation, along with a detailed syllabus. This disciplines your attitude towards the subject matter.
  • Destroys fear of exams: Appearing for Olympiads regularly completely erases your fear of exams. The continuous cycle of preparing for Olympiads, however less competitive, brings in you the confidence to face any question paper without trembling. If this is established at a young age, you are already halfway through at preparing yourself for the exam!
  • Time management: A key ingredient which needs no introduction. Olympiads often contain maths, science and sometimes mental ability and logical reasoning sections too. Handling all of these within the given time frame becomes very strenuous. Although each question paper is designed as per the class the student is in, the bar is set high so that students with better time management can attempt more questions. Needless to say, this will always help you in any sphere of life.
  • Getting accustomed to the OMR life: Olympiads, if anything, are experts at helping you get accustomed to the exam environment. Till date, few students appearing in JEE mess up their OMR sheets and end up marking the wrong way. Such mistakes are nothing but imprudence. Knowing how to bubble OMR sheets, where to fill and how not to ruin your exam by bubbling the wrong answers are all the tricks you can only learn by practice, something Olympiads provide ample number of times.
  • Prepping you up for school: One has to admit, while you were busy preparing for Olympiads, you prepped yourself for the concepts involved in your school curriculum too! What could be better than that? Above that, you have probably dived deeper into the subject than the school curriculum demands. A win-win situation for you!

Finally, you can say that Olympiads at a young age are just organizing the pieces in your armour for the final battle of entrance exam. It is an excellent experience and one must not shy away from it, however good or bad you are at it!

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