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The JEE Advanced and JEE Main examinations are poles apart when it comes to the pattern of their respective question papers. While JEE Main has only single option correct pattern questions which brings all questions to the same pedestal, JEE Advanced provides a wide variety in its pattern and tackling them demands specific tactics on the part of students.

The first step in attempting a question paper demands a thorough analysis before you start. You must devote a few minutes before you begin, to firstly grasp which of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics you find more scoring based on the questions you scan. Beginning with a scoring section not only gives you a head start, but also builds your confidence for later sections of the paper. Secondly, make a record of what weightage each section of the paper carries and especially which questions hold a negative mark for wrong answer. Keeping this picture in mind will help you be extra cautious while attempting these questions and not answering the question if you are indecisive of the answer. Going through the instructions is also a must. JEE may decide to change its pattern (which it often does almost every 5-6 years) which demands new instructions, so you should not ignore them.


Read the question paper before you start

Tackling different sections of JEE Advanced:

Single option Correct: These sections have a reputation for conceptual questions with minimal use of formulas. The questions are pretty tricky and hence carry a negative mark for a wrong answer.

Multiple options Correct: This section has not been regular in keeping a negative mark, thereby reducing the risk. However, these carry more weightage than a single option correct as you are required to analyze each option correctly. The choices are set very close to each other and you must make sure to verify the result you obtain from the question with each option.

Paragraph type: With 3-4 questions based on a paragraph, the trick of this pattern is that it often requires you to solve questions one after another. This would mean that you can’t proceed to the next sub-question unless you find the required answer in the current one. Due to this, it does not turn out to be a very scoring section and students often tend to lose marks here.

Matrix-match type: You would think matching one column to the other would be pretty easy once you crack a few options, but of course, this is JEE we are talking about, so every option poses several potential solutions in the adjacent column. Above that, each option can have multiple matches in the alongside column and thus, it turns out to be painfully tricky. You could imagine this as multiple options correct superimposed over column-matching. However, the questions are less tough and without negative marking and hence this section is considered scoring.

Integer answer type: In this section, you are required to answer in an integer ranging from 0 to 9. In Chemistry, the answers are easily found as integers (For example – Number of isomers, number of moles involved in reaction) but in Physics and Mathematics, the solutions are generally answers to a numerical and may not be an integer exactly. In such cases, you must be careful while rounding off the decimal (For example – if the number of turns in a solenoid is obtained as 6.5, you should analyze the problem, whether rounding off to 7 would affect any other physical property, or would you rather truncate it to 6).

Regular practice and familiarizing yourself with previous years’ papers is always the key. All the best!

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