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The clock is ticking and the day of JEE-Advanced 2017 is fast approaching. These few months left now are quite important as the amount of effort you put in during these days will be directly reflected in your scores. Generally, students start revision in this period and in haste tend to neglect few important topics of 12th. One of those topics is Modern physics. X-rays, nuclear fusion/fission, photoelectric effect,etc. these terms might sound scary but trust me they aren’t and infact if you put in some good amount of effort than modern physics might well become your saviour in JEE-Advanced. So here are some points that you might as well keep in mind while preparing for modern physics.

Heavy weightage –
For the past few years, the number of questions asked in JEE-Advanced from this topic has been significant. So I’ll suggest that you don’t neglect this chapter as it will cost you quite a few marks. This topic is small and easy when compared to many other topics of physics and will only take a few weeks time to learn.

Be strong on concepts –
This topic contains a great deal of concepts and if these are mastered then you can solve almost every question of Modern physics. In JEE-Advanced, questions framed from modern physics will test your conceptual knowledge and will consist of other topics clubbed as well. Refer NCERT and HC Verma for increasing your grip on concepts.

Scoring topic –
As mentioned earlier, questions asked in this topic rely mainly on concepts, so if one is thorough with this topic and then it is a cakewalk to score marks in Modern physics. Also the heavy weightage of this topic implies that if you are able to crack modern physics in exam then your rank will gain a significant upward jump.

Practise previous years paper –
Solving previous year papers always aids to your preparation as you get a feel of the type of questions that are to expected in the examination and also improving your efficiency in dealing with pressure. In case of modern physics, solving previous year papers will boost your confidence and you’ll get a fair idea of the sub-topics of modern physics that JEE-Advanced focuses more on.

Formulae and laws –
Modern physics also does contain quite a few formulae and theories/laws so make sure you remember those. Apart from remembering the formulae also do have a look on the method and conditions used for its derivation because many a times questions in JEE-Advanced will ask you to derive the formula for different sets of conditions than the one you have studied and generally the process followed previously is what you should be knowing.

Apart from the aforementioned points, be careful while solving numerical in exam and don’t neglect calculations and units as you don’t want to regret losing away easy marks because of silly mistakes.

Practise is the key for securing a good rank so practise well in order to deliver your best on the day of examination. Remember that its you who has to write the exam so make sure that you are comfortable with your preparation method and incase of any doubts regarding preparation you can always visit Toppr.

All the best!

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