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Top 5 Apps for JEE Preparation:

Nothing can ever substitute a good teacher or a good book. Having said that, isn’t it also important to keep yourself updated with innovations? How about supplementing the knowledge imparted by teachers and books with the changing technologies in education? Scribbling on a piece of paper and making sacred JEE notes which are not even legible is already passé.

Without second thoughts, JEE is probably the toughest to crack due to the competition. And with increasing number of aspirants, the competition just gets fiercer. A lot of preparation and hard work is required if you are to fare well in these exams.

Although there are several websites and books to help you practice well, it is always better to have Mobile apps for aiding your preparation. Using these JEE preparation educational apps, you can prepare for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. You can also practice various JEE question papers, quiz and practice test questions & answers.

Here are the 5 Best Apps for JEE Exam Preparation.

  1. Toppr App

Presently one of the top apps for JEE preparation in India, it gives instant feedback and analysis on your performance. When you take practice tests on the Toppr App, the system outlines your strong and weak topics. The algorithm uses the performance data to determine the questions, which would be posed to you in Practice Tests. Let’s say that through some practice tests which you took, the system has determined that one of your strong areas is topic ‘A’ and one of your weak areas is topic ‘B’. In the subsequent tests, you’d get more questions from ‘B’ than ‘A’. The app also has a “Cheatsheet,” which gives you the important formulae, definitions, shortcuts, diagrams, etc. You can access the solutions to your tests the moment your test is over.

Encompassing lectures, practice questions, tests and doubt-clearance by top faculty, Toppr is the most complete app to supplement your JEE preparation!

  1. IIT-JEE Previous Year Papers

This app has the Previous Year Question Papers of IIT JEE in a Quiz Manner. It simulates the environment you will face at the time of the competitive exams. To make it interesting and fast, this app can help you prepare the Previous Year Question Papers of JEE creatively. It divides the paper into subject sections so that you can prepare the section you like. Students can also select one of the given years and instant answers along with questions will be shown to the users. The positive side of the app is that it is fast and works offline.

  1. JEE Main Prep App

The JEE Main Prep App by Minglebox is a comprehensive guide for fulfilling your JEE dreams. It covers the entire syllabus for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and rightly provides the apt amount of questions and support materials. Also, there are mock tests and question banks about each topic. To provide valuable tips and inspirations, there are lessons by IIT/NIT toppers. The app is completely free, and it has good reviews from successful students.

  1. IIT-JEE Formulae & Notes

This app is handy for revision and coaching test preparations. It has all the important concepts and formulae in a compact form for a quick review. There are over 40,000 practice questions and 800 videos to make the concepts clear. With crisp points, the app will be good for the last round of preparation. It contains all the basic NCERT textbook concepts about Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

  1. IIT JEE PCM Video Lectures

Bored of browsing through online pages? How about switching to an app that contains a lot of videos that explain every concept in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in a concise manner? These videos are from IIT faculties, so there is no compromise on the quality of the lectures. There are 700 plus videos in the app. So, you can install it and get clear concepts of the basics and then solve the questions. Even if you don’t have enough time left for preparations, you can take the video lessons as a virtual crash course.

The apps mentioned above will certainly be of great help to students as they can access information everywhere and not waste any valuable time. They have many advantages as you can calculate how much time you spent on questions, analyze the difficulty levels and assess yourself well. Above all, apps for JEE preparation are cheaper compared to buying a bulk amount of books or materials from other sources. Obviously, apart from the few other books you need to own, these apps can be useful supplements and would provide you with an edge over other students.

Make good use of these apps for JEE preparation; remember, you need help from any resource for JEE!

Good luck!

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