Gaurav Waghmare
Gaurav Waghmare


I am an undergrad at IIT Roorkee, and do data, electronics and books all the time. I listen so much more than I talk, and if you have an unbelievable story to tell, try me. :)

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JEE Advanced 2017 Admit Card - Read on for all Details!

JEE Advanced Admit Card 2018 / Hall Ticket – Download here!

All about JEE Advanced admit card 2018 that you need to know. Read this article to download your JEE Advanced Hall Ticket & other important details!”...

NEET PG 2018

WBJEE Exam Date 2018 Revealed

WBJEE – 2018 or West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination – 2018 is a must for students aspiring to study engineering in West Bengal. West Bengal has some premier engineering institutions like Jadavpur...

WBJEE 2018 Answer Key

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) is must for a student to clear to get admissions into premier institutes of West Bengal. WBJEE 2018 will be held on 22nd April 2018, for all the three subjects. I...

Important Organic Reactions You Must Know

Organic Reactions You Must Know

We all know the burden that one faces in organic chemistry just by the number of reactions to remember. To ease your pain, here is list of some organic reactions which an IIT aspirant must know....

Stop Comparing

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Exam Results With Others

Despite all that your lecturers probably ever told you, your exam results are not the most important thing in the world and do not define your worth or cleverness. As someone said in much better words: Please r...

engineering student

Are you the right engineering student?

Newton once asked, “How to write 4 between 5?” He received different answers from different batches of students – Medicine students said, “Joke!” Science students said, “Impossible” Management stu...

Google Allo

Everything You Wanted to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Google’s artificial intelligence bot made history early this year when it defeated the existing Go World Champion Lee Sedol. The bot was developed by Google DeepMind, and its victory had a glimpse of the ...

What is Photosynthesis & Where Does It Happen?

Did you know that if photosynthesis were to cease, all higher forms of life would be extinct in about 25 years? A milder version of such a catastrophe ended the Cretaceous period 65.1 million years ago when a l...


Competitive Exams: Why Solving More Questions is a Must for a Higher Score

Are you familiar with such questions? “I guess my Optics is complete.” “I am just gonna nail all questions on Calculus on the exam day.” Many students keep on saying such things througho...

Excel In Exam Preparation

The Only Two Rules You Need to Excel in Exam Preparation

Preparing for an exam is something, which if done properly, gives the best results. It is so much like an experiment that we perform in physics and chemistry laboratories: follow the method as precisely as you...

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