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WBJEE 2017 Exam Pattern & Tips

WBJEE 2018 Exam Pattern & Tips

As an engineering student, I thought it would be an interesting idea to share my opinion on the WBJEE 2018 Exam Pattern – which I had attempted some time ago- and give you, my dear readers, some valuable ...

Tips and Tricks to master WBJEE 2018

Almost all competitive exams in India witness a cut-throat competition and candidates often miss out on admissions in a college of their choice by a whisker. In this article, we bring you some useful tips and t...

Airplanes’ Black Boxes

10 Most Amazing Technologies in the World Right Now

What comes to your mind when someone talks about technology? Computers, smart phones, i-phones, macbook, etc? Is that all? No, it is not. Today, we are surrounded by technological evolutions which encompass eve...

The Study Techniques That You Always Wanted

The Secret Study Techniques You Always Wanted to Know

If there’s one thing we’re experts at around here, it’s studying (No, I am not even close to bragging)! Let me tell you: studying doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are plenty of methods that exist...

WBJEE Question Papers

Cracking WBJEE Question Papers

When it comes to the straightforward idea of ‘merely’ cracking an exam, things get a bit astray from the pathway of attaining true knowledge. Well, to put it the right way, knowledge still holds th...


Static And Kinetic Friction

It is the elementary chapters of Physics that build up your base and understanding of the subject. It is only when you completely master the application of forces on a body that you can move to tackle higher di...

JEE sample papers

WBJEE Previous Years’ Papers

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular practice to succeed in competitive exams. Even when it comes to preparation, you need to work smartly to get closer to perfection. One of the surest ways t...

BITSAT Mock Tests: Why Toppers Solve Them.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work – Stephen King. Well, I couldn’t agree more. As a BITSAT aspirant, one can safely ...


6 Tips to Master Organic Chemistry

Master Organic Chemistry Is Organic Chemistry tough for you? If yes, maybe you are going the wrong way. Are you memorizing reactions after reactions and there seems to be no end to them? Or do you feel lost in ...

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