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We’ve all had our bad days at school. Whether it was the day your teacher embarrassed you infront of the class or you fell due to your own clumsiness in the assembly, but each of those experiences teach you an important lesson that useful even after school is over.

1. Being bullied: Only made you strong enough to deal with the real bullies in the world.


2. Getting nervous while giving an elocution: Prepared you for years of presentations before a boardroom.


3. Being criticised by your teacher infront of a class: Taught you to take criticism positively.


4. When you came second in a sports competition, not first: It taught you sportsmanship and teamwork.


5. Always competing with a classmate: It made you realise that a little healthy competition makes you give your best.


6. Being reprimanded by your teacher for submitting your homework late: It gives you a sense of how important deadlines really are.


7. Falling down infront of the whole assembly: Taught you to laugh at your own clumsiness and the ability to get up each time.


8. When your friend was moved to another class: It taught you that friendship needs effort, just like every other good thing in life.


9. Getting a bad grade in school: Taught you that one failure isn’t the end, it motivates you to try harder.

There’s good in every thing, you just need to realise that the good is #GreaterThan the bad. 

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