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I’ve been sitting infront of this screen, thinking of writing an amazing article about procrastination when I realise my mouth is wide open and I’m unconsciously staring at someone. So the article that I could have written in 3 hours, will now have to be completed in an hour. All thanks to my ability of doing nothing.

We’ve all experienced those days when we can literally manage to spend a whole 24 hours doing nothing productive. Those who doubt this compelling ability, usually question what exactly it is that we do during these wasted hours. Well here’s a list of useless procrastination that makes us say ‘Nothing’ when someone asks us ‘What’s up?’.

1. Staring at the fan like it’s suddenly going to turn into a unicorn.

2. Switching channels on TV even though you’re not really looking at it.

3. Refreshing social media sites repeatedly as though you’re expecting a Facebook message from Obama.

4. Doodling everything from a professor’s face to drawing a mustache on historic figures, just because you can.

5. Looking up random things online, from your favourite TV show characters to the height of an ostrich.

6. Taking selfies with every possible filter on Snapchat because YOLO.

7. Making fake tattoos on your body, to get an idea of the real thing, even though you may NEVER get one.

8. Going on a random cleaning spree starting from your cupboard to your cuticles.

9. Looking for splitends/pimples/ingrowth/abnormalities in the length of your fingers.

10. Imagining what you’d say when you win an award/meet Shahrukh Khan or become president.

After you run out of ways to procrastinate, that’s when you start thinking of how you could have spent that time wisely. So how about skipping the process and jumping to the conclusion? #BahutTimeNahiHai. Let’s get cracking!

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