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Bank Exams Preparation:

Thinking about appearing for the various bank examinations that are held across the country? Coveted to be one of the most promising of all career options, banking is one of the few celebrated job sectors in the country where people from every economic status of the society can apply. The good news is that it generates a lot of job opportunities, but the bad news is that there is a lot of competition when it comes to these examinations. So if you do not get your bank exams preparation done right, these examinations will be a tough nut to crack. However, if you are dedicated and focused enough, then you will have no problem sailing through these examinations.

A thing or two about bank examinations:

First, it is very important for interested candidates to understand that there is no single examination for all the public and private banks that there are in the country. The private banks each have their own system of evaluation and conduct their examinations separately. Most of the examinations of the public sector undertaking banks conduct their examinations through a common entrance test which is overseen by the IBPS or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection which in turn works with the Government of India. There are various examinations which are conducted by the IBPS for various posts and hence candidates need to get their bank exams preparation sorted for all the examinations that are conducted by them. The State Bank of India has its own system of evaluation and it conducts its own examinations for every post. So if you are thinking about applying for a vacancy in the State Bank of India, then you will have to appear for their various examinations before you can make the final cut.

The various stages of bnk exams preperation:

Since a number of bank examinations are held throughout the year, you will have to prepare a simple and structured plan for preparation which will be helpful for all the examinations. One very important thing to do, if you really want to secure your future in the banking sector, would be to make sure that you sit for all the bank examinations that you come to know of. Most of the notifications of the examinations are released both in newspapers as well as online websites. You can subscribe to some of the websites and visit them on a daily basis to check out the various bank vacancies that are announced from time to time. In order to get your bank exams preparation done right, you will have to divide the preparatory process into phases. Let us take a look at some of the most important phases of preparation that every aspiring candidate ought to follow:

Stage What to do
Stage 1: Making a list of all the examinations As mentioned before, a number of examinations are conducted by different banks. Keep a look out on three different examinations- the ones conducted by SBI (generally they come with a very good pay scale and job security), the ones conducted by IBPS (they have good job security) and the ones which are conducted by private banks. Note down the dates on which each of the examinations are scheduled to be held and then start your preparation, priority wise.
Step 2: Locating the subjects of importance There are mainly three subjects that are of immense importance when it comes to bank exams preparation– English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. If you are weak in any one of the subjects then take that up first and start preparing for it.
Step 3: Collect the study material This is one of the most important phases when it comes to preparing right. A lot of students tend to attend coaching classes in order to get hold of these materials, but if you put in a little bit of effort you will be able to find them on your own and start practising with them at your home. When you collect the study material, make sure you purchase or borrow the required books and also get hold of previous years’ question papers in order to practise. Taking a look at previous years’ question papers and solving them, go a long way in making sure that your bank exams preparation are going fine.
Step 4: Locating your weak points Once you start the preparation process, it is best that you start with solving the question papers. This way you will be able to identify the places and topics which are weak. You will need to make sure that you brush up well and prepare hard so that you can cover your weak points. When it comes to a competitive examination, there is no room for sighting excuses that you got the question from the topic which you were worst at.
Step 5: Paying attention to the scoring questions Most of the examinations have two sections- objective and subjective. While the subjective part is not very scoring and depends a lot on your ability to write well and the examiner who will be checking your answer script, when it comes to objective type questions, you have a chance to score really well. So pay particular attention to mathematics and English grammar which are the most scoring. If you are weak in your General knowledge and Current Affairs then you need to brush up on that as well.
Step 6: Solving papers and keeping your spirits high You will have to start with a time-bound practice at this stage of the bank exams preparation. Set a time of not more than 1.30 hours for every paper that you have to solve and evaluate yourself. The first few attempts might not work well and hence you will need to keep your spirits positive and try hard so that you get better with every next attempt. Self-evaluation and improvement are very important when preparing for competitive examinations.


Follow these steps and you will be done with your in no time. All the best!

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