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Bank Jobs in Delhi:

Delhi is a city of many opportunities. Starting right from the public to government to private jobs, the capital of the country is bustling with many opportunities. One such flourishing sector in the city is the banking city. Hailed to be one of the best cities for competitive examinations, when in Delhi, one will get hold of a lot of materials which will be ideal for preparing for some of the best Bank Jobs In Delhi and in fact anywhere in the country. So, are you looking for some good banking job opportunities in Delhi? Well, then you will have to have a clear idea about the banking sector in the city and how you can be eligible for some of the bank jobs here.

The difference between private and government or public sector undertaking banks

Well, there are mainly two types of banks that you can join, broadly. There are private sector banks, which are set up by private organisations like the ICICI bank, the HDFC bank etc. Then there is the public sector undertaking banks which are in some way or the other related to the government of India. The State Bank of India is present in every state of the country and is a government undertaking. The SBI is also a public sector bank but because of its immense hold all over the country, it conducts its own examinations when it comes to hiring candidates for vacant posts. There is one very important difference for candidates who are looking for Bank Jobs In Delhi to understand- while the State Bank of India conducts its own examinations for the clerical and PO posts, the IBPS or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts common entrance tests for a lot of private sector undertaking banks, who might or might not conduct examinations independently. In case of private banks, each bank has its own system of evaluation, generally with a written examination, followed by an interview. If you have a few banks in mind for which you would like to work, you need to keep an eye out for the date of publication of their written examinations.

People, in general, prefer to work for private sector undertaking banks, especially like the SBI because they offer better job security and a structured promotion plan with various benefits while private banks do not come with job security. So if you are hoping to land some of the best Bank Jobs In Delhi then it is imperative to aim for the PSU banks first, until and unless you get a very good post at a private bank.

Banks that you can aim for when in Delhi

Being the capital of the country, it is but natural that all the humdrum about the best jobs are here. Apart from Mumbai, Delhi is one of the best places for bank jobs. In case of public sector undertaking banks, it is not really possible for you to decide whether you will be in Delhi or not. The hiring process does not work in that way. You will have to appear for the examination, qualify it, clear the subsequent rounds of interviews and then you will get placed based on the vacancies available and that can be anywhere in the country and then depending on the end of your term you might be transferred to any other city in the course of the job. When it comes to private banks, the transfers do not take place that often, but there is always the possibility of one. If you are aiming for some Bank Jobs In Delhi then these are the banks that you can try out:

  • HDFC bank which is in Gurgaon
  • Asix Bank which is also in Gurgaon
  • Indusland Bank in Gurgaon
  • ICICI bank in Noida
  • HSBC bank in Gurgaon
  • Kotak Mahindra in Delhi proper
  • SBI in Gurgaon
  • Yes Bank in Gurgaon, and
  • IDBI bank in Noida

Pay particular attention to the examination pattern and notifications for these banks, in order to secure a good score and get placed in them.

Preparing for good Bank Jobs In Delhi

Since banking is one of the most sought-after sectors when it comes to jobs, a lot of people apply for the various vacant posts when the announcements are made. Since there is no general consistency to the fact as to when the announcements are to be made, if you are interested in good Bank Jobs In Delhi you will need to subscribe to websites which send out regular notifications and of course diligently follow the newspapers. It is important to remember that because of this erratic announcement of vacancies, there is always a huge competition for jobs. If you want to make sure that you get just the job you want, it is best for you to start preparing as soon as you can.

There is a definite way to start your preparations. First, you will have to collect the study material. There are plenty of books available online that you can refer to when it comes to preparing for Bank Jobs In Delhi which will help you to clear the competitive written examinations. The subjects that you will need to focus on are English, mainly the grammar portions, Mathematics, with a particular focus on arithmetic problems and data analysis, Logical Reasoning and General knowledge and current affairs. Collect sample question papers and also previous years’ question papers and start to solve them because they will really give you just the practise that you need. Once you are done with the initial stage of practice, you will have to make sure that you get start timing your practice, because you will need to get as many questions accurate as you can since the rate of accuracy will be taken into account in the unlikely event that there is a tie in scores.

Find the detailed syllabus and the study materials here.

Start preparing if you are set on your focus to get the best Bank Jobs In Delhi well before the notifications and application forms are out. Prepare with a plan and you will surely get the job that you want.

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