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Selection to India’s greatest engineering institute – IIT – is not a cakewalk. Students devote years of their youth preparing for the same. They study diligently day and night to secure a good rank in IIT Advanced test. Following school curriculum and substantiating it with self study has become a norm for every IIT aspirant. However, soaring competition level has made it imperative for students to enroll themselves for coaching classes. Students have to supplement their self- study custom with guidance from coaching institutes. It has become mandatory these days to joining a reputed coaching institute for IIT preparations. Here is a comparison of the performance of two big coaching classes: Bansal vs. Resonance.

Bansal vs. Resonance:

Today, students form a beeline to join a specific coaching institute, and looking at the worth and popularity, several of these have cropped up all around the country. It is of utmost importance that students check the credibility of these institutes before joining them. The best measure of the reliability of a particular institute is to compare its past performance vis-a-vis another institute’s performance. Let us consider Bansal vs. Resonance – the two giants of IIT JEE coaching – and look at their performance over the years to evaluate which one is better.

Bansal Classes:

This was the first initiative that brought the concept of parallel coaching for IIT JEE to limelight. The institute was founded in the year 1991 by Sh. Vinod Kumar Bansal to prepare students for IIT entrance exam. At that time students relied on self–study to crack the test but Bansal Classes gave them a much needed direction to channelize their efforts. He provided quality coaching to students and since then an increasing number of Bansal Classes’ students have got selected to IITs. Today the institute’s faculty provides exemplary training for IIT JEE, AIEEE, NITs, and GATE etc. The performance results of the enrolled student speak volumes about the supremacy of the coaching imparted here.

Past year performance

Looking at last year’s result, approximately 2236 students qualified for JEE Advanced 2015. According to the the result of 2014, a total of 1657 students got admitted to IIT solely from Bansal Classes.


This prominent IIT JEE coaching centre was established by Sh. R.K. Verma is 2001. In addition to coaching for IITs, the institute is known to prepare younger students for International Olympiad examinations and National Talent Search exams. A suitably qualified and competent faculty is behind the exceptional teaching programs proffered at Resonance centers.

Past year performance

If we have a look at last year’s result, the institutes boasts of 11211 successful students who have qualified Mains to appear for IIT Advanced 2015. There was a huge leap from a mere 161 eligible students in 2002 to the stupendous total of 4105 students in 2014. If the figures of last year are taken into account then Resonance is supposedly sending more students to appear for the JEE Advanced than any other institute.

Bansal vs. Resonance:

The debate goes on to judge which is better of the two but before deciding the right coaching for IIT JEE, students must bear in mind other parameters like faculty, travel time, fee-structure, accommodation, and course material or mock tests before making up their minds. Instead of following the herd blindly weigh your options and then reach to a decision.

There is no short cut to success and similarly there is no escape route to studies. Joining a training institute does not imply that students can give up on hard work. On the contrary, these coaching classes make you more vigilant and aware about the course and prototype of the test. Most people also crack IIT JEE with the help of online coaching or no coaching at all. Figure out what works for you. And go with it. Best of luck.

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