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Hostel life is probably the most exciting part of anyone’s youth. This is more so in India, because of the fact that we spend most of our childhood at home under the shelter and security our parents provide us. Staying in a hostel during our college education brings with itself responsibility, challenges, mess food, and most importantly for all of us, independence. If you are holding any inhibitions regarding staying in a hostel during your college life in this upcoming new session, this article is sure to sway your opinion. Read on to know the benefits of staying in a hostel!

Living life on your own terms

After spending an entirety of your life under the scrutiny of your parents, you finally get to start living your days as you deem fit. It is a responsibility too, but with a disguise of a boon. However, you get to keep your room as messy as you feel, or organised as per your comfort. There’s no stopping you from staying up all night and sleeping in the entire next day!

An upgraded version of you

Consciously or not, hostel life will teach you all the important lessons of life and you will carry them close to yourself, forever. For many, it starts with doing their laundry and ends with leaving college after becoming a responsible adult who can stand on his feet. Day by day, you learn to adjust with your roommates and hostel neighbours, respecting others’ privacies, helping each other in times of need, and ultimately managing all of your chores throughout the day. And you will accomplish all of this apart from the academics you tend to anyway!

Win friends for life

No wonder there are several movies about the nostalgia associated with college times! You will meet so many diverse people in your term at hostel and befriend many of them. But there will be few with whom you will spend most of your hours. The special charm about hostel life is how it provides you access to your friend at any hour of the day or night! Don’t you wish you could chat with your friends all night back in school? These friends will stand through your hardships and cheerful moments. Be it poor grades or awesome placement packages, they’ve been there all along!

Late night food

Who has never been hungry at 2 in the morning? Hostels got you covered with their overnight canteens! Especially if you didn’t have enough of that repulsive mess dinner, canteen always welcomes you with its open arms, even at night. Hot maggi, Samosas and cold drinks with your friends are moments you will cherish. And also, you won’t wake up famished!

Weekend road trips

When your friends have their creative caps on, you are sure to plan a road trip to the hills or the beach at 1 in the night! Living away from home gives you the special wild card to explore more, travel more, and learn more about different places, and that too with your friends! You will grow enormously in this process too and have a blast anyway. A win-win situation!

Emotional Homecoming

After an exhausting rollercoaster of a semester, returning home after your exams is almost like returning fatigued from a war. The hostel experience makes it all the more exciting, and you will have new found respect for the food your mom cooks!

All of this and more are the true spirit of hostel life. Never again will you get a chance to experience this, so why let it go?

Here‘s a peek into the hostel life of IIT Bombay, one of the best engineering colleges in the country.

All the best!

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