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Biology can be a very important subject if you want to crack AIPMT or AIIMS. So this subject requires thorough studying by the students. Sometimes it can be a troublesome job to memorize all the chapters but it is necessary. You need to do a clever work instead of hard work. In order to crack competitive exam or to only score good in boards you need a methodical way and expert advice. Here Toppr is free to download and is solution to every problem you ever have.

You can download the app for free from play store and look for yourself.  No matter whichever class you are in we have solution to everything. If you are a student of class 12 and you want a solution of NCERT then no fear! Toppr is here. You will find there are solution to every chapter. Here we are providing link to that particular video. Not only this but there are several  videos and other chapters thoroughly written and explained for your benefit and you can log in  any time you want for free and our expert will make you understand even the toughest topics which you struggle with.

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In this era of technology students are not only confined in paper and books. One has infinite amount of knowledge in the click of his hand. Toppr is a new way of learning and it is way more effective than any other books which can be mundane and boring sometimes. We here teach a students with videos and interesting stuffs that makes both learning and memorizing fun. Biology is a vast subject and there are many division and subdivision that are hard for students but with this learning app you not only learn but your knowledge grows so that you will not face any problems when you are challenged with future tricky questions of competitive exams.

If you have a child who is preparing for a big exam, the last thing you would want him to do is spend time on the phone and get distracted. But Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti, IIT Bombay graduates, thought differently. The result was, a preparation site for JEE, pre-medical, and Class X and XII exams. With a total of 59 courses built by an academic team, all you need to do while signing up is mention which stream you are studying in and which competitive exam you want to prepare for the lessons will be tailored accordingly just for you.

Let us hear what our AIR 1 has to say about Toppr. Here is the link to the video

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best biology app

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You can find plenty of evidences like this one where people said  toppr is actually beneficial rather than any silly app that just takes your time and money without providing anything. A student who is aspiring for AIIMS can have many topics and videos from which he can not only learn but can built the confidence of cracking the the exam as the lectures of our teachers are so in depth and intriguing that students are bound to understand all those problems which were previously difficult for them to understand.

Even for the students of class V to X we have many lectures and videos where we made very tedious topics quite interesting. The important fact is students enjoy learning while they become proficient on that subject.

We can go on and on telling why Toppr is good for students but now let us see methodically and theoretically why Toppr is good app for every students out there.

Adaptive Platform

Unlike other test-centric platforms, offers a highly-personalized experience according to your level of preparation. Built with a strong question bank of over 1 lakh, it makes the journey special for each student. Toppr helps students measure how much syllabus they have covered. Instant feedback reports and strength/weakness analysis decide their next course of action. Our website offers an interactive medium that lets a large student community communicate with each other to compare, discuss and get feedback.

Expert Content

The key to success is to evolve constantly with the modern times. Toppr has seamlessly tapped into this idea and keeps offering fresh and interesting concepts, unlike other platforms that are still stuck with redundant and repetitive content. Its team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with prior experience in product, tech and business building. Having solved JEE and other entrance exams in the past, they understand the pain point that students go through on a daily basis. Toppr has a strong team of 1000+ subject experts, including IITians and teachers, who add a certain credibility and competitive edge to all the information posted online. A detailed solution is worked out and reviewed by experts to ascertain the quality. Besides, video lectures available on Toppr are developed by the best teachers in the country, and contain animation, diagrams and everything else to make learning easier.


You might score well or badly in different tests. But what if you want a comparative report and track your progress? The score is the only feedback that a student gets on traditional websites. Toppr generates extensive reports containing feedback about your weaknesses and analysis for each test you take. It highlights areas of improvement and gives recommendations in every chapter. The website eliminates a lot of non-value adding steps from exam prep like searching for more questions, matching your answers to calculate scores, etc. in this way you can self evaluate and see for yourself in what position you are standing right in.

The One-Stop Guide

Finding step-by-step solutions to questions can be a tricky task. Most websites just manage to give the final answers or jump steps to provide only some part of a solution. Toppr gives you hints and step-by-step solutions to all the questions. If you still have doubts, our highly-skilled team is there to help you in a jiffy. You can contact us on our forum and get immediate responses. We are very active and we will answer you as soon as possible.

High Success Ratio

Our survey shows that over 2 lakh Toppr students (from across India) took AIPMT this year. While over 15% students clear AIPMT every year, 31% students, who studied through Toppr, cleared it. So, Toppr students are twice as likely to succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone or laptop and download Toppr as soon as you can. It will be a guide and friend. Let Toppr assist you to be a toppr and guide you through every tough spot and make all these exams easier for.

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