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AIPMT aspirants are ardently passionate about taking up medicine as their career i.e. for the potential doctors. If you are prudent enough to choose the correct career goal then your life will be well oriented throughout, but one small mistake can hamper your exam preparations. So, choose the right resources to succeed in a career of medicine. Here is a list of the best books for AIPMT aspirants that will help you with the preparation. You all must know that the AIPMT is your way to almost all the top medical colleges in India. Hence your gateway to achieving your dreams is through finding the to right books that are going to be your best friends.

Best books for AIPMT Aspirants:

The All India Pre Medical Test consists of three subjects viz., Physics, Chemistry and Biology with Biology being of highest precedence constituting 50% weightage alone. Hence the obvious shift of focus should go to this subject.  However, be alert that the other two subjects still holds the key to your rank and are your trump cards in such close competitions. Hence do dedicate due diligence and importance to all of them accordingly.

Here I present to you a list of the best books for AIPMT aspirants for each subject that would help you to thoroughly cover all the various facets of your subjects along with providing clarity to all the topics and thus reinforcing your conceptual understanding,


Biology being the most important of all the three subjects along with being the most straightforward we turn our first focus to it. The best books for AIPMT aspirants in Biology are:

1. NCERT Biology Part 1 & 2: The NCERT books are the basic CBSE study material and owing to their lucid languages they are easily understandable and helps to ensure a strong foundation to the students’ knowledge base.

2. Objective Biology – S. Dinesh: This is the most popular book among AIPMT aspirants. For giving paper based examination to complement your knowledge base, everyone should read this.

3. Truemans Elementary Biology: This another book that helps you to consolidate your basics because of its fine pictorial representations.

4. Genetics – Strickberger/ Vir Bala Rastogi: This will help you build higher concepts.  The comprehensive material has a multitude of illustrations and references and problems in every chapter.

5. Physiology and Biochemistry – Salisbury & Ross/ Frit & Noggle: These are higher level books for holistic idea about the subject. Use this for having detailed information about physiology and biochemistry.

6. AIPMT Past Years’ Books: It is very necessary to have a clear idea about the  format of the examination. This book will help you to be more confident in exams.


This is one of the trump cards to outscore your competitors because the general trend among medical aspirants is to avoid numerical problems which form the majority of this subject. Here are the best books for AIPMT aspirants in physics:

1. NCERT Physics for Class 11 & 12: These are the books to lay the basic foundation for understanding the subject.

2. Concept of Physics – HC Verma: This is a mandate to built your concepts thoroughly. It is not only comprehensive but also hones your analytical skills.

3. Physics – Anil Aggarwal: This is near perfect for AIPMT aspirants specifically covering both theories and relevant questions that forms a landmark for the examination standards.

4. Concept of Competition Physics PMT: This is another book that is essential to solve in order to gain fluidity in solving real time examination questions and gain necessary confidence to face the actual examination paper.


This is the subject with the vastest syllabus and hence is time consuming. Thus a dedicated effort is required in order to succeed in this particular domain. Here are few tools to embellish your armoury before you step into the battle.

1. NCERT Chemistry for Class 11 & 12: This should be your text book to build the basic concepts required before the detailed study of chemistry.

2. Chemistry – S. Dinesh: – This is a very useful book for preparing in the line of the examination. It gives you the questions in every format. All the questions listed are from NCERT to a little higher on the concept details

3. Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee: This is to develop higher faculty on this subject. Use this book for more detailed information about the concepts.

4. Organic Chemistry – Morrison & Boyd: This is to grasp the entire concept of the sector in depth. This will help you be more clear on the topics. It explains all the theories in very detail.

Apart from these, you are always advised to attend various test prep exams and mock tests to test your learning regularly and find out areas that would require special treatment and the domains of strength.

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