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The Best Jobs and Careers

Haven’t we all been in the situation of fancying someone else’s job and wishing ours was half as interesting or high paying? More often than not, long hours at the office and our dwindling motivation pushes family and fun down our list of priorities. Somewhere between your beautiful dreams and real job, lie the best jobs in the world. Some extremely lucky people have the privilege to earn that dream ticket to success. But is it just luck though?

To give you some food for thought, I’ve pulled together a list of the best jobs/careers (totally subjective and in no particular order) from around the world. Here we go.

  1. Orthodontist

What do Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Tom Cruise have in common besides their entertainer personas? Braces. These celebrities owe their beautiful, pearly-white smiles to professionals called orthodontists. Orthodontists are dental specialists who take care of improper bites and askew teeth. As a job, you can’t beat it. With great growth potential, a healthy work-life balance and the enormous job satisfaction, it’s certainly one of those top positions in the job market.

  1. Mathematician

Taking up education in mathematics is a 360-degree investment that can pay-off in surprisingly unexpected ways. Today, mathematics is no longer a relatively boring subject one has to learn at school. The applications range from signal processing to image recognition, from bio-medicine to financial risk management, from credit card data encryption to game theory, from space exploration to robotics, just to name a few. That versatility adds to the prospects of a job seeker and results in a high annual salary. Not to mention being able to be one of those rare people who loves math.

  1. Sommelier and Blogger

Well, being a sommelier (professional wine expert and taster( may certainly not sound like a very serious option, but it’s one the best jobs in the world. Imagine coming home to a beautiful bottle of wine everyday, some truly vintage and priceless. Now picture living in some of the most beautiful locations in the world and learning the intricacies of making the perfect wine and travelling for tasting events, menu sampling and food and wine pairing sessions. What’s more? You also get to capture and share the entire experience on your social media accounts online. And you get paid a 6 or 7-digit figure a month to do it. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

  1. Psychiatrist

The world as we know it today, would probably collapse if not for these saviours. Ask Lady Gaga, Owen Wilson or Deepika Padukone, who’ve battled depression and recovered with the help of psychiatrists. With a growing number of patients, the popularity of these professionals hardly comes as a surprise. Equipped to understand the multifaceted relationships between ailments of the mind and body, they evaluate the entire spectrum of a patient’s health, make a diagnosis and design a treatment plan. Whether it’s schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, a psychiatrist can prescribe a wide range of drugs or even recommend hospitalisation in certain cases. Intellectually stimulating, helping to make a difference in people’s lives and society at large, with the added bonus of choosing your work hours, this is one of those top-notch professions.

  1. Cartographer

Remember Claudius Ptolemy or Leonardo da Vinci? Both of them were cartographers. Cartography is nothing but the science of drawing maps, which is not just limited to atlases. You’ll find them in newspapers, and in smartphones to give you directions from getting from point A to B. The demand for accurate maps, especially across web-based platforms, is expected to drive this job growth. The artistic part of the job involves making beautiful graphics to explain ideas which are better understood with visuals.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

This profession is an amalgamation of information technology and business. Although computer systems analysts have many responsibilities, their main task is to understand their client’s business, whether it’s an organization in Silicon Valley or a firm at Wall Street. They learn how a particular organization uses technology and come up with the best technology solutions to help the firm’s overall computer system. These analysts ensure that the hardware, the software and the networks work seamlessly and run more efficiently.

Although selecting a career is a personal decision, high-quality jobs typically share certain traits like low employment rates, high wages and a good work-life balance.

Let us know your dream profession or preferred career option if it’s not already on this list of the coolest jobs in the world.

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