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AIIMS Online Coaching Institute

So, anyone who does not know about AIIMS, it is one of the most prestigious places to learn medicine and very few people make their way to this elite medical college. All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is the most coveted Medical College and Medical Research University of India, located in New Delhi. AIIMS has constantly been ranked at the top amongst all other medical colleges of the country and for obvious reasons like its faculty, infrastructure and brilliant doctors who are trained to handle pressure and many complicated cases. The medical science here is extremely sophisticated, which is why so many patients from distinct parts of the globe are witnessed by AIIMS as a hospital. It is known worldwide and acknowledged for its strategy driven by technology. That makes AIIMS the dream college for all the country’s medical aspirants.The Institute was established in 1956 in Delhi and now operates in seven more locations across the country namely Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Jhajjar, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh and Jodhpur. AIIMS offers various best-in-class medical graduation and post-graduation courses.

AIIMS Important Dates

With only six months remaining to prepare for the nation’s competitive medical entry exam, AIIMS MBBS, the medical applicants have to go through a 6-month dilemma and extreme pressure on how to prepare for AIIMS MBBS. This is the right time to start preparing in 6 months for AIIMS MBBS 2019. AIIMS MBBS exam is scheduled for admission to 13 AIIMS institutes on May 25 and 26. So now here toppr can be one of those sites which will cover you and you can sit in the comfort of your home while learning new techniques, methods and chapters that will be at your benefit and sharpen your skills.

Toppr – Best Online Coaching Platform for AIIMS Entrance Exam Preparation

With the advancement of technology, a student is no longer confined in pen-paper knowledge so it is quite important to introduce him or her with a new way of learning that will be easy and effective. Toppr gives you the opportunity to learn in an interesting atmosphere where we introduce you to best-skilled teachers who are going to guide you through your problematic area that needs touch and more stress.

You will discover that Toppr provides the best online coaching for the AIIMS test once you go through the app. Toppr allows efficient teaching for you. At Toppr, you can discover numerous papers from Class 5th to 12th linked to almost all the significant subjects. You can also obtain all the information about the different government and non-governmental examinations that the authority concerned is conducting.

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What makes Toppr Best Online Coaching for AIIMS?

You can any time download the app and go through it. Here are some features that will give you some insights about Toppr.

1. Adaptive Platform

2. Expert Content

3. Self-Assessment

4. High Success Ratio

5. All India Test Series

6. Previous Year Question Papers

Let us discuss these points individually

1. Adaptive Platform

Unlike other test-centered platforms, according to your preparation level, offers a highly personalized experience. Built with a powerful question bank of more than 1 lakh, it makes each student’s trip unique. Toppr helps students measure their coverage of syllabus. Instant feedback reports and evaluation of strength/weakness determine their next course of action. Our website provides an interactive medium that allows a big group of students to interact with each other in order to compare, discuss and receive feedback.

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2. Expert Content

The key to success is to evolve constantly with modern times. Toppr has seamlessly tapped into this idea and keeps offering fresh and interesting concepts, unlike other platforms that are still stuck with the redundant and repetitive method of teaching. Its team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with prior experience in product, tech and business building. Having solved JEE and other entrance exams in the past, they understand the pain point that students go through on a daily basis. Toppr has a strong team of 1000+ subject experts, including IITians and teachers, who add certain credibility and competitive edge to all the information posted online. A detailed solution is worked out and reviewed by experts to ascertain the quality. Besides, video lectures available on Toppr are developed by the best teachers in the country and contain animation, diagrams and everything else to make learning easier.

3. Self-Assessment

In various tests, you might score well or badly. But what if you want a comparative report and if you want to monitor your progress? The score is a student’s only feedback on traditional websites. For each test you take, Toppr generates extensive reports with feedback on your weaknesses and analysis. It shows fields of enhancement and in each section it provides suggestions.

4. The One-Stop Guide

Finding step-by-step solutions to questions can be a tricky task. Most websites just manage to give the final answers or jump steps to provide only some part of a solution. Toppr gives you hints and step-by-step solutions to all the questions. If you still have doubts, our highly-skilled team is there to help you in a jiffy. You can contact us on our forum and get immediate responses.

5. High Success Ratio

Our survey shows that over 2 lakh Toppr students (from across India) took JEE Main this year. While over 15% of students clear JEE Mains every year, 31% of students, who studied through Toppr, cleared it. So, Toppr students are twice as likely to succeed. With our innovative method and numerous options of different learning we let our students understand what they need the most and we will give them tricky questions that may come to the exam to prepare them better in a way that they are ready to face any hardship that comes in their way and can solve all the trick questions with a cool temperament.

Classroom teaching involves four steps—conceptual learning, application, practice, and comparison. takes care of all four. While classroom coaching gives a holistic picture of the preparation process, there are issues such as high fees, little attention to slow learners and lack of quick help from teachers in rural areas. We bridge this gap successfully and break the barriers in imparting education.

6. Mock tests-

Question paper To understand how well ready you are, you can work out AIIMS examination questions from the past year. You will also learn how to manage time by solving question documents from past years that are available in our site and even if you want to know the answers they are there too.

If you have any doubt you can have all the experts at your fingertips. Log in anytime you want and all the answers are there at your service. Our teachers are there to help you with the answers. You can find elaborate videos dedicated to each and every chapter that are there in your syllabus and you can watch you any time you want.

Toppr provides not only the best online coaching for AIIMS Entrance Exam but also for the NEET and other important medical entrance exams. You’re going to get guaranteed results at Toppr, so do not wait or have doubts anymore.

Download the app quickly as it’s free on Android and iOS app or you can signup on the web for free. Learn better and be a topper in your tests with the assistance of Toppr. Take the first step towards success by clicking the button and watch your dreams become reality with Toppr.

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