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Thinking about getting admission in one of the most prestigious universities in India? Well, then you can surely think about finding out about the BHU entrance exam date 2018 and apply for this university. Varanasi is hailed to be one of the oldest living cities of this world, that is, it has been constantly inhabited by people since the time the city was founded. It has always been one of the major seats of learning in India and it is but natural that today one of the most prestigious and high ranking universities of the country will be located here. BHU or the Bengal Hindu University is one of the best places to study in the country and one should get their preparations in order if they want to gain admission here.

Details about the BHU or the Bengal Hindu University

Located in Varanasi, this is one of the oldest universities in this country. One cannot mention BHU and not talk about its founder Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. He was a patriot at heart and lent great support and direction to the Indian freedom struggle. Of the many efforts that Malviya took to foster the development of his country, the most striking and the most effective one was the establishment of the Banaras Hindu University which was also then known as the Kashi Hindu University. It was in the early years of the 1900s that this university was established in order to promote indigenous forms of education to the people. Malviya chose Varanasi as the site for this university because of the deep heritage of culture and learning which is associated with this place. Every year this university releases its BH entrance exam date 2018 for which candidates can appear and then secure a spot in this university. Also known as the university in the country with the largest number of student residents and due to its various well structured academic programmes and high ranking status, more and more students seek admission into their various courses and hence the competition for the entrance examinations are quite high.

Courses and subjects that are offered at the BHU

This is a multi-disciplinary university which offers courses in various subjects. Like any other central university, BHU too offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma courses, special courses at the postgraduate level, Ph.D. and various other higher degrees. The BHU entrance exam date 2018 when announced, announces dates for all the types of courses that they have to offer. An interested candidate may seek admission in any one of the following streams- Arts, Commerce or Science. There are various other interdisciplinary centers of study as well. There is also an institute of technology under the BHU academic curriculum. Once the exam dates are announced an interested candidate can check out the various subjects that are offered here and then fill out their application form accordingly.

The admission process at BHU and how it works

You need to keep yourself updated so that you do not miss out on any notifications from the university. You can check the university’s online site regularly so as to get any updates that you want. Keep a look for the announcement of the BHU entrance exam date 2018 which is usually announced in the month of January. Once the examination date is announced or a little before that from the month of January itself, you will get the application forms. Before you fill up the application for it is very important to read thoroughly the eligibility criteria since each and every faculty and their respective subjects have different requirements. Let us check out a few of them:

  • For a candidate who wants admission in Bachelor of Arts, they have to have scored at least a minimum of 50% and they ought to be less than 22 years old. The same rule applies to those who want admission in any social science subject.
  • For a candidate who wants admission in Bachelors of Commerce, they have to have subjects like Finance, marketing, economics etc as one of their subjects in 10+2 and have to have scored more than 50% in them.

There are various such important criteria that you can learn more about once the BHU entrance exam date 2018 is announced.

If you meet all the eligibility requirements you can fill out the application form and then submit it. All the application forms are available online which you will be able to access from their official homepage. Your examination admit card will be dispatched to you in time and you will have to appear for the entrance examination which is generally conducted in the BHU campus. So if you are not from Varanasi, then you will have to make travel arrangements for the examination.

The BHU Entrance exam date and more.

Each and every subject has its own question paper and own selection criteria. Candidates will have to appear for a written examination, the question paper of which will be set by the concerned faculty. Separate tests will be conducted for every subject and as long as the dates do not collide, one candidate may apply for more than one subject. For example, if you want to apply for both English and Physics and you see that the BHU entrance exam date 2018 for the two do not clash, then you can fill out forms for both two examinations. But then you need to make sure that you fit the eligibility criteria for both the subjects since they are under two different faculties.

The declaration of results

The examinations are generally conducted in May and then the results are declared shortly after in June. You can access your results online from the university home page and generally, the tentative result dates are announced when the BHU entrance exam date 2018 is also announced. The number of candidates that will be taken in by each department will depend on the number of seats available and the list is generally displayed on a merit basis.

BHU is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and hence if you want you can get admission here on any subject of your choice.

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