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The education system is a carefully fabricated factory of our country. It forms such a humongous and significant base that a large part of the government force is dedicated to its scrutiny and continuous revision. The education system framework is flooded with abundant scholars and teachers dedicated towards the upliftment of the country. While teaching may seem like any other profession, the nation cannot do without an efficient education system because it forms the backbone of any and every profession. In doing so, the system is categorized into a central board, that is CBSE, and respective state boards for better and smooth functioning.

Irrespective of the board you are in, several questions may crop up in your mind while you are about to proceed to class 10th or 12th as to which board you should stick to? Also, students often tend to ask which board is beneficial for JEE. We are going to discuss about the Bihar State Board here, its pros and cons and answer your questions.

It is a well known fact across the country that the Bihar State Board is considered the toughest of Boards in the country. The standard of questions asked in its board examinations is a notch higher than those of central board. The background of questions doesn’t limit itself to NCERT books. A thorough analysis of model question papers and previous years’ papers show that these questions demand far more comprehensive study on the part of students. Students may not score well if they restrict their study to NCERT textbooks and not further prepare questions of more complexity based on it, especially in Mathematics.

If we compare the central board CBSE and Bihar board, each of these have their own merits. CBSE, obviously, provides students with an easier level of examinations comparatively, sticking strictly to the NCERT textbooks. While this may seem like a demerit on the education system, CBSE ensures that its syllabus covers all the topics required for study and ensures a better understanding in the student.

Percentages, Percentiles and Grades!

If you’re wondering about the leniency in marking schemes, Bihar Board is very strict while the central board is generous in that aspect. On the other hand, Bihar Board provides you with a better percentile due to lesser students, but the central board, a better percentage. Both of these have their respective advantages.

Finally coming to JEE-Main, it is safe to say that CBSE is the better alternative. Students from Bihar studying in Bihar Board often tend to change their board while taking admission after 10th standard for the same. It has a more concentrated syllabus which is targeted at JEE-Main while Bihar Board may not turn out to be that efficient in this aspect.

Bihar Board has a reputation of having a very standard syllabus to its collar, providing its students with better prospects but somewhere, it lacks the well-equipped faculty to unlock its full potential. Nevertheless, it is upto you

Normally every year the Bihar School Examination Board conducts Annual Secondary School Examination in the month of February/March and Supplementary School Examination in the month of August/September on the basis of the syllabus as prescribed by the State Government. Apart from the aforesaid Secondary School Examination, the Board also conducts departmental examinations such as Diploma in Physical Education, Certificate in Physical Education and Teachers Training Examination on such terms and condition, as laid down by the State Government.

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