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Millions of years ago, when the giant meteor hit our planet marking the extinction of dinosaurs (and some three-quarters of plant and animal species) existing on the face of earth, one branch of their species survived! The hypothesis explains how the structure of birds is strikingly similar to that of the Avian branch of dinosaurs. Apparently, the hit swooped the Non-avian branch of Dinosauria leaving the Avian branch behind that are now known as birds!

Fossils of dinosaurs when observed closely – considering the feathers, hollow bones, and several other characteristics that birds and dinosaurs share – not just determine that birds are descendants of dinosaurs but that birds ARE dinosaurs! The following video by Vsauce featuring world-class palaeontologist and technical advisor to all Jurassic Park movies, Jack Horner and the hilarious Chris Pratt explains how we literally have dinosaurs around us even today!

(Video by Vsauce)

Next time someone says dinosaurs went extinct tell them how dinosaurs never left!

Stay tuned for more.

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