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Birla Institute of Technology and Science will conduct an online admission test, BITSAT 2018 that will give you an opportunity to study at one of the BITS’s campuses situated in Pilani, Hyderabad, Goa, and Dubai. The main objective of BITSAT 2018 (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) is to assess your academic caliber, speed, decision-making ability and time management aptitude. The following BITSAT Exam Tips are from my own personal experience. I hope they will help you.

BITSAT 2018 will comprise of 150 multiple choice questions based on subjects like Physics, Mathematics/ Biology, Chemistry, Logical Reasoning and English. To successfully attempt this online paper within the duration of three hours, here are some BITSAT Exam Tips for you to remember before the exam:

BITSAT Exam Tips:

  • BITSAT primarily tests your theoretical knowledge based on the NCERT curriculum. Thus, study NCERT books thoroughly to erase every speck of concept related doubts before appearing for BITSAT 2018. It has been noticed that rarely a question is asked that is beyond the scope of NCERTs.
  • This is possibly the only examination where you can score more than the maximum marks by attempting the extra 12 bonus questions. You can attempt these extra questions only if you have solved all the 150 questions. They are based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics 4 each. It is wiser to check the 150 answers before opting for the bonus questions as once you land on the bonus questions, there is no going back to those 150 questions you answered.
  • The exam has a section devoted to English language skill. Generally, students tend to ignore preparations for this section as they are more consumed with other important subjects. Given the competition, doing well at English will help you scoring a good rank in BITSAT 2018.
  • Another important section asked in BITSAT is the Logical Reasoning. The mocks can give you ample insight into the pattern of the questions asked and makes you adept at solving this type of questions. Though it is a smaller portion (1/6) of the test you still can score better and improve your overall ranking. These questions require lesser effort to solve as compared to other sections.
  • Another important aspect to strategically plan is the exam simulation. BITSAT 2018 is an online test and candidates who are used to pen-paper approach experience a lot of difference while giving the test online. In order to align to the  online test experience, you should solve ample number of mock tests online in your preparation period.
  • Get a copy of BITSAT 2018 syllabus complete with all the relevant topics. You can divide the entire syllabus into sections based on your preference or difficulty level.
  • Include sufficient time for learning and revision in your study roster. You may begin with understanding the concepts at length, preparing notes, identifying your problem areas and marking doubts for clarifications. In this way you can methodically cover all the sections of the syllabus.
  • Revise and practice by attempting previous years’ sample papers. More often than not, students tend to overlook English and it costs them some precious marks. So, pay adequate attention to these subjects too. Also learn to allocate time to each section so you know how much time each section demands.

Strategy for the examination day

The BITSAT exam tips given below are for the exam days.

  • Begin with the easier questions and move on the numericals later. This is a smart way to ensure that you don’t  lose out on marks you were sure to get.
  • Every wrong answer brings negative marks. So, instead of guesswork reason out the incorrect options and then select the right answer in case you get stuck.
  • Time management will help you allocate sufficient time for each section. You must devote ample time to each question and shift to next question to avoid time loss. Keep aside few minutes for revision.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before the final exam. Change your study plan when you are two months away from the exam. Remember our tips. Good luck! 🙂

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