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BITSAT is considered to be one of the toughest entrance examinations in India. Scheduled in the month of May 2018, BITSAT provides admissions to various UG and PG courses at the three coveted BITS Institutes i.e. BITS Pilani Campus, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, and the Hyderabad Campus. Every year approximately 2 lakh students compete for the limited number of seats in the BITS Institutes. With the exam just around the corner, students are often wondering how to study for BITSAT 2018 in last 3 months. This article is intended to answer just that question.

BITSAT is a ‘computer based online test’, which is conducted over a period of 15 days. You can check the BITSAT 2018 Exam-Pattern.

For your benefit, we’ve put together a list of the Important Topics for BITSAT 2018 that you should focus on in the last three months leading to the exam.

Important Topics for BITSAT 2018 in the last 3 months:


Current Electricity, Laws of Motion, Electromagnetic Induction, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Heat and Thermodynamics, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism, and Kinematics.

Other important chapters with comparatively lesser weightage include Wave Motion, Impulses and Momentum, Optics, Wave motion, and Modern Physics.


Organic Compounds containing Oxygen, s-block and p-block elements, Chemical Thermodynamics, General Organic Chemistry (with IUPAC nomenclature), Chemical Thermodynamics, Solutions, Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry.

Other important chapters with lesser weightage include Coordination Compounds, Polymers, Redox Reactions, Polymers, Chemical Kinetics and Chemical equilibrium.


Trigonometry, Sequences, and Series, Coordinate Geometry (Straight Lines, Conic Sections), Sets, Relations and Functions, Theory of Quadratic Equations, Vectors, Probability, Calculus (Integration).

Other important chapters with lesser weightage include Calculus (Differentiation, Differential Equations), Complex Numbers, Permutation and Combination.

English Proficiency

Synonyms and Antonyms, Grammar, and Odd Word Out.

Logical Reasoning

Series completion, Logical Deduction, and Figure Analysis.

Now, as promised earlier, let’s see how to study for BITSAT 2018 in the last three months.

Tips for preparing for BITSAT 2018 in the last 3 months:

  1. Strengthen Fundamental Concepts: Unlike JEE, BITSAT has more questions and imposes pressure on both, speed as well as the accuracy of the student. While gearing up for BITSAT 2018, don’t waste your time solving lengthier questions, rather focus on concept-based questions. You must have all formulas and equations (algebraic and chemical alike) at your fingertips. Know that almost seventy percent of the BITSAT question paper is formula based. Few scoring questions can be as easy as calculating wavelength for an electron to jump from shell n=2 to n=3 or the time for the free fall of a ball tossed in the air.
  2. Analyze Last Years’ Papers: The best way to prepare for BITSAT 2018 in the last three months is to analyze the last year’s question papers and understand the paper pattern and the overall difficulty level. You can develop your own strategy on how to attempt the paper based on your reading of the last years’ question papers.
  3. Focus on what you know: Don’t try to learn new topics and instead try to make the best of the topics you have already prepared. Trying to learn new topics may lead to errors in the exam and backfire since BITSAT has negative marking.
  4. Leverage Chemistry: It’s where you get your time back. Try to maintain a revision note where you write important reactions (Organic/Inorganic) and formulae, and revise it every next day.
  5. Time-Management:  We never get tired of saying this, but keeping an eye on the clock is the key to cracking BITSAT 2018. Allocate time for separate questionsOf the three hours of the examination, spend no more than half an hour on Chemistry so that you can devote more time to other sections. Since Mathematics is time- consuming, it may eat up as much as sixty to eighty minutes; the rest being saved for Physics, English and Logical Reasoning.
  6. Prioritize Physics and Mathematics:  While solving mock papers, take up Physics and Mathematics before Chemistry, English and Logical reasoning as Physics & Mathematics carry more problems and are difficult to be dealt with at the end.
  7. No Guesswork: Beware of negative marking, focus on your strength areas. According to successful students, doing so boosts your confidence and does not let you deviate.
  8. Make a Smart Attempt: Logical reasoning could easily fetch you 30 marks: Chemistry takes a lot less time to solve whereas Maths takes longest to solve. So, it’s advisable to at least attempt 120 questions to clear the BITSAT exam.
  9. Get Computer Friendly: Solve as many BITSAT online test series as you can. These mock tests not only improve your skills at attempting the paper but also train you to sit in front of a computer for three hours without a break.
  10. Reference Books:
    • Physics – Arihant Series – DC Pandey; HC Verma;
    • Chemistry – Inorganic Chemistry NCERT Text Book, Organic Chemistry Khan Academy Videos.
    • Mathematics – Arihant Series – Dr. SK Goyal, Past Year AIEEE papers.

It’s important to prepare all topics with equal seriousness as you study the above mentioned important chapters. A decent BITSAT score is generally above 320 and considered exceptional above 350. Scores of such calibre are required to grab the top BITSAT branches. Check out our comprehensive tips for BITSAT to achieve the desired score.

Toppr wishes you all the very best! For any preparation based queries, leave them in the comments’ section. Keep checking out preparation tips here. 

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