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Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work – Stephen King.

Well, I couldn’t agree more. As a BITSAT aspirant, one can safely assume that anyone who is taking the BITSAT test is of an above average intellect. To beat this kind of brutal competition, only talent is not enough and you’ll have to go that extra mile to get a slice of the pie.

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test (BITSAT) is scheduled for May 2017 and the time is just ripe for you all to get geared up for your preparations.

In this article, we’ll focus on BITSAT Mock Tests and why toppers solve them to crack the BITSAT Exam.

Firstly, how about getting familiar with the BITSAT Exam Pattern? It just might give you the much-required edge over others and help you understand subjects, the marks assigned to each of them, the format of the paper, etc. better.

Now, let’s learn all about the BITSAT Mock Tests, and why they are the Bible for toppers.

  1. Simulation of the Exam Environment: Solving BITSAT Mock Tests is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the BITSAT exam pattern, the topics, the type of questions asked, the marking scheme, etc. Knowing all this ensures that you feel comfortable solving the test on exam day, your confidence levels are high, and you have an overall good score.
  1. Time Management: It is very critical to manage time in the BITSAT exam. Solving mock tests will help you identify how much time you take in each section. Managing time effectively will enable you to improve your performance section-wise and topic-wise.
  1. Learn from Your Mistakes: After every attempt at the BITSAT Mock Test, make sure you revise the weaker sections enough. You’re bound to make mistakes initially, but the important thing is to learn from them. Revise as much as you can and strengthen those topics, which you were not confident about earlier. This practice will ensure that you are well-prepared on the exam day.
  1. Self-Assessment: Solving mock tests is very beneficial in mastering each subject, topic or the key concepts. The results of the mock tests will help you assess your knowledge level, accuracy, and speed in specific sections of the exam. This practice will greatly help you perform better on the day of the exam.
  1. Gauging Your Strengths & Weaknesses: One of the many advantages of taking the BITSAT Mock Tests is that it helps you understand your strengths & weaknesses. You can then work on your improvement areas for an overall good score in the exam.
  1. Speed and Accuracy: A very crucial factor influencing the results in the BITSAT exam is speed and accuracy. One has to be careful because BITSAT has negative marking. It’s critical to program your brain to solve the mock tests as it becomes easier for you in the examination hall to solve problems faster and with greater accuracy.
  1. Benchmarking your Score: It’s imperative to know where you stand regarding your preparations so that you can immediately take corrective measures. Solving the BITSAT Mock Tests will help you benchmark your performance on previous years’ BITSAT cut off scores.
  1. Analysis of the Results: One of the main advantages of BITSAT Mock Tests is that you can analyse your score at the end of the test. For instance, you can segregate your paper into sections like:
  • Perfectly Correct: You’re able to solve the problem successfully as per the applied concept.
  • Flawed but Correct: You’re able to solve the problem by half knowledge, guesswork or through the process of elimination. Basically, you’re not confident about the concept.
  • Not Attempted: You left the questions unanswered because you did not know the concept.
  • Mistakes: You knew the concept but made an error due to a lapse in concentration, error in understanding the question, over-confidence or attempting the question in a hurry.

Once you get into the habit of analysing your answers in a structured and constructive way as mentioned above, your scores in the subsequent tests would increase substantially.

To sum up, BITSAT mock tests stimulate revision and learning in a manner that is highly beneficial for all BITSAT aspirants. So, make sure you take the BITSAT Mock Tests and do well in the BITSAT 2017.

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Remember, BITSAT is the gateway to the three BITS campuses, which are among the top private engineering colleges in India. Study well, and reap the rewards!

All the best for your preparations. 🙂

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