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The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test, or commonly known as BITSAT, is one of the most prestigious examinations of the country for it holds the entry ticket to the undergraduate programmes of top ranking institutes of the nation for its qualifiers. BITS Pilani has its expanse over three branches, namely Hyderabad, Pilani, Goa and also in Dubai and all four of them boast of lavish campuses of international facilities, to begin with. The colleges are enriched with a very high standard of teaching faculty along with a splendid placement record. Here we bring you the BITSAT paper review 2018 : 

BITSAT Paper Review 2018

• Concise questions:

It is the usual forte of BITSAT that it presents to you with shorter questions than other entrance exams. This can be primarily due to the fact that the number of questions are a lot more and also that the key to our concepts lies in the very basic questions. Given the time, students are expected to at least be able to attempt all the questions and hence the questions were kept concise.

• Trickier concepts:

Although BITSAT does let you manage your time, the trickier questions were a clear indication that students are supposed to have all the concepts and formulas on their fingertips. The key problem here was that no all the questions were presented at once. So you must either solve a question or skip it to move to the next question. At a situation like this, if a student wastes time recalling a formula, he would surely lose an edge.

• Few hand-picked bombs:

One or two questions in each of the subjects were dropped into the paper right away which was meant to be time-consuming. These were preferably supposed to be skipped right away as each question carries equal marks but from a student’s point of view, one doesn’t really anticipate such questions in the examination hall. After all, you never know how many more bombs the paper might drop!

• English bagged the trophy:

Well, if there was a race for tough, conceptual questions, English surely did win it. Although it carried only 15 marks, almost all of the questions had very skilled options to choose from, each one of them similar to the other. Students must have had a tough time tackling these questions for only those very well versed in grammar could have scored well here.

• The overall experience:

Judging the entirety of the paper, it was skilfully designed to segregate students easily with different levels of preparation. However, if we look at the bigger picture, the paper was set not quite tough. Attackable questions and conceptual questions are the key to a BITSAT paper.

So that was the BITSAT paper review 2018. You may also read about the BITSAT 2018 results and the complete stepwise counselling procedure for BITSAT 2018.

With the right amount of time management and accuracy, surely most of you would come out with flying colours. All the best!

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