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When I was a little kid, fresh into primary school, I was oblivious to anything and everything related to education. Unlike my friends, I did not have a sibling and had no idea what a board exam was. “Is it something you write on that black board?”, I asked one day – a question that inexplicably (at the time) amused my classmates and annoyed my teacher to a great extent. Everyone was supposed to know what a board exam is, for it is arguably the most important examination in any student’s life. The importance of this set of five or so exams varies greatly with each person’s perception and background. Your board exam marks seem to matter a great deal to local newspapers, teachers, parents and friends’ parents but friends and some coaching class instructors may beg to differ. So, what do you do?

Board exam marks: worth all the BOARDom?

Obviously, your boards are super important! They are especially important for all the engineering, law and commerce aspirants out there.

With all of the annoying changes in the education system every few years, it is a pretty daunting task to keep track of what aspect of your studies requires your focus. Your boards may have a 40% stake in your future today but tomorrow, they may matter less than the price of popcorn at movie theatres (you’re going to buy them anyway).

Board exam scores play a critical role everywhere you go. In times like ours, anything less than a 75% is considered useless and insignificant. Every other person scores above 90% and you need to do your best to keep up.

This is especially true for all you commerce students out there. Most colleges look at your board exams quite seriously. From the infamous Delhi University with its sky high cut-offs to the average college, every half mark of your board exam score counts.

To all you smirking engineers and doctors, I haven’t forgotten you.

But why? Why do you need to care? Aren’t they just a formality? Aren’t entrance exams the real deal? Well yes, and no. Your board exams may not influence your college dreams much. But keep in mind that the world transcends college rank lists.

No company looks at, or even cares about your IIT JEE rank. From companies like Infosys to your friendly neighbour aunty, board exam scores serve as the yard sticks to gauge a person’s capabilities. This is because of the basic difference between entrance exams and board exams. Entrances are usually objective type – it doesn’t matter how you get the answer as long as you’re right. Boards are different. They are subjective, and hence give a person a much clearer picture of the understanding and thought process of the candidate.

So pick those textbooks up from the floor and give them the respect they deserve. I know how dull or dry they may seem. I was where you are not too long ago, and trust me, it is definitely worth the struggle. There are forces larger than entrance exams at play here. Good board exam marks would serve not only as a confidence booster, but also as one less regret in life’s infinite hurdles.

10th standard board is the first defining examination you face in your life. Many take it extremely lightly. However, here are both sides of the coin, detailing the pros and cons of taking them seriously.

All the best!

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