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Preparing for your entrance exams while juggling your Boards is no new territory. Not only are entrance exams taxing, the Board Examinations provide no less stress as their significance still holds strong in today’s time. The difficulty lies in the difference in standard of preparation, dedication, and in-depth knowledge both of these demand. This situation of standing on two boats at once is, hence, quite tricky.

With only 60 days remaining for the board examination, one is sure to face the dilemma of which topic to start with. Board examinations are so hyped that often students get under the pressure of excelling in the boards. For students who want to clear competitive examination along with boards, it becomes difficult to juggle between the two preparation methods. So it’s essential to channelize your efforts in these 2 months in order make the most out of time. Let’s find out how!

Plan things out

  • The first thing to understand while preparing for boards is to make a well defined schedule of things to study each day. Only by assigning a well-designed schedule to your time will prove fruitful.
  • On an average, there are about 15-16 chapters in each subject. So, even if you can manage to study at least 1 chapter of each subject daily, you will cover the main subjects. However, make sure there are no loose ends to your preparation.
  • It is necessary to stick to your commitments and follow the schedule to gain the edge. Discipline is the key.

Give language its credit

  • The language subjects are the ones, where one can lose a good number of marks, but at the same time they give an opportunity to improve the percentage easily. This may sound baffling, but it is true. The controls are completely in your hand.
  • In these subjects, there isn’t much to study, a major portion of questions in the paper are unseen, where an individual is checked for his linguistic abilities. Make sure you are well versed with the literature apart from the editing and grammar sections.
  • In order to make the most of the subject, it is advisable to give it at least 1 hour on a daily basis. Have a regular practice of grammar and editing sections, as well as writing section (for ex. Letter writing). These subjects demand ample practice and only when you have command over the language can you score well.

Transition between mugging and solving

  • While some subjects like Mathematics are practice-based the others require serious time for mugging up of the topics. This in no way means to undermine the subject matter but ultimately, you have to mug up the formulas and chemistry tables.
  • Chemistry and Biology come under the second category as far as boards are concerned. From this point of view, it can be a good strategy to keep transitioning between a subject like this along with a subject like Mathematics. This will prevent your mind from being exhausted as a result of constant mugging.
  • Your schedule should be designed such that you once you have done enough of mugging up, you get to follow it up with numericals or concept understanding texts.

Smaller, Achievable goals

  • You should always break your goals into simple achievable targets. This gives you a boost of confidence and pumps you up to start your next target with greater enthusiasm.
  • These short term goals could be attaining the first rank in your batch, completing a chapter within a short span of time or learning new solving skills! They should just be small, attainable, and in the near future.
  • Not only will this keep you motivated, it will also keep you running in the race. This is so because if you lose this short-term goal, you can quickly switch to another goal and not lose hope. You need to cover a long distance, so taking rest is important.

Practice for the presentation

  • It is a very important to maintain a presentable answer-script for the boards. The script checker won’t give any extra consideration to your answer-script if it is not legible.
  • If you know how to present well, you will surely have an extra edge, and maybe extra marks! Not only does a presentable answer script depict discipline but also your confidence towards the subject. Hence, you mustn’t compromise with your handwriting and presentation.
A presentable answer script pleases the examiner!
A presentable answer script pleases the examiner!

Simulate the Boards

  • As you progress, always refer to the question papers in the past years. Solving mock question papers can also be a good option. It helps give you an idea of the actual examination: time allotment to questions, question paper pattern, level of difficulty. 
  • Set your time limits while solving them and work out on your mistakes. Simulate it like a real examination by timing it and solving it preferably in the time-slot of the actual examination. This will surely make you feel confident enough to crack the real examination too!
  • Refer to Toppr’s collection of previous years’ papers right here as this will come in handy. You can also know all about class 12

Just keep calm, be positive and work hard. You will surely exceed your own expectations. You can check out the recommended for class 12 Boards over here. All the best for your exams!

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