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The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana scholarship program is intended to encourage young students to take up research work in the field of science and technology. It is funded by the Government of India. We bring you the list of best books for KVPY aspirants.

Books for KVPY:

The Department of Science and Technology of the GOI provides scholarship not only for science related research programs, but also for innovative works in the field of medicine and engineering.

Highly talented and brilliant students can take an aptitude test and avail this scholarship to explore their love for scientific knowledge. It is a very good platform to conduct experiments for the scientific development of the country.

What is the syllabus for KVPY?

There is as such no exact syllabus to study to take this examination. This exam is only meant to test your analytical skills and reasoning ability.

However, in the broader concept, knowledge of Physics, Biology and Chemistry syllabus up to class XII is required to appear for the exam.

What are the recommended books to study?

All students who have appeared for the KVPY exam say that going through NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) study material helps a lot in cracking KVPY.

It is difficult to exactly point out books that you should study from, as the syllabus is very broad. Basic knowledge of science subjects at the school level does cover up most part of the exam syllabus.

For scoring better results so as to give you an edge over the others, however, you have to stretch your horizon of study a little bit more.

Here are some of the best books to help you score better marks at the exam. They are based on the latest syllabus of KVPY exam.

  • For Physics-

Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker. It is published by Wiley Publication. Another book is Concepts of Physics by DC Pandey

  •  For Chemistry-

Moderns ABC of Chemistry for Class-XI with CD by Modern Publishers. Another book is NCERT Physical and Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon.

  •  For Mathematics-

Mathematics for Class XI by RD Sharma. It is published by Dhanpat.

  •  For Biology-

Elementary Biology Volume 1 by KN Bhatiya and MP Tyagi. Publisher is Trueman.

Apart from these, course material for NCERT examinations also helps you to prepare well for KVPY. Studying these books will increase your fundamental knowledge of these four science subjects and your concepts on other topics as well.

Studying text books for KVPY which are recommended above will be helpful in attempting questions which are out of the syllabus. There are some general knowledge questions for which you cannot always prepare for.

Covering the entire above mentioned syllabus will make it easier to answer the tricky questions. As for the reasoning and analytical part, answering well will not depend on how much you know. This section of the question paper needs to be dealt with precision for the most accurate answers. For that, rather than studying on particular book, practice as many previous question papers as you can.

There are always last year question papers available online or in the markets. These books contain a vast collection of sample test papers which you can practice. The more you solve these questions, the sharper your analyzing ability will be.

How to prepare for KVPY

You learned about the books for KVPY. Now, there is a pattern you need to follow if you want to excel in KVPY. It requires utter concentration and the right guidance to score better than the rest. Make a routine for yourself and follow it diligently.

Go through your notes to strengthen your fundamental knowledge. As these exams are time bound, practice mock tests to answer correctly as many questions as you can in the shortest time possible.

Once you do that, there is no one to stop you from topping the exam!

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