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The dream that we see always remain like the alluring blue mountains nestled faraway in better climes. And, we continue this ever hardening trek to reach that heaven. Sometimes, a sneak peek into the affairs of the heavenly sense is awesome and refreshing. It is like having a drop of the elixir at times to keep us moving for the journey. Thus, to have you folks normalized and let you peep into this mecca of education, I present the best of IITs and branches.

Let’s start with the branch most sought after, but least thought on – Computer Science. Equally balanced amongst all IITs, and I mean all. Even most new ones are picking up and coming to the mark. Though, IIT Bombay, due to its strategic location, holds the rankers close, IIT Delhi and Kanpur are not left far behind. Even IIT Hyderabad, being the upcoming IT Hub has become a recent favourite among the students.

Department The Suitable IIT(s)
Computer Science Engineering All Old, and IIT Hyderabad
Electrical and Electronics Engineering IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur
Mechanical Engineering IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur
Civil Engineering IIT Roorkee
Materials Science (including Metallurgy) IIT Roorkee
Geological Engineering IIT Roorkee, ISM Dhanbad
Architecture IIT Roorkee, IIT Kharagpur
Design IIT Guwahati
Economics IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur

Then comes the Electrical and Electronics Engineering- good at Delhi and Kanpur without a shred of doubt. This has been a wonder for the two centres, and with excellent faculty and research facilities, it has grown abound. Now, if you consider statistics, both the IITs have well placed students with Texas Instruments, CISCO and many more core companies, apart from alumni in the best of labs and universities worldwide.

Coming to the core Mechanical, Madras and Kharagpur with their cumulative aura pack in the best. Kharagpur has CSIR-CMERI in the vicinity, and Madras packs in the best of labs in Automotive, Biomedical and several other Design fields to host one of the best Mechanical Departments.

For Civil Engineering, there is nothing better than IIT Roorkee which has been on the forefront of the civilization and the branch since 1847. Royal Civil, as the Department is known at the institute, it indeed holds one of the most sprawling areas amongst all other departments with the largest of labs and facilities from Geomatics, Transportation, Disaster Mitigation, Environmental to Hydraulics and Building Research.

James Thomason Building - The Royal Building, IIT Roorkee
James Thomason Building – The Royal Building, IIT Roorkee

Finally, I would like to dive into the domain of the less known fields. Starting with Materials Science and its big brother – Metallurgical Engineering, I feel IIT Roorkee stands out amongst all else, given that it has great Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Departments supporting the Materials Science research. But in terms of job prospects, IIT Bombay has an unparalleled status, although most jobs are in the non-core sectors.

For Geological Studies, IIT Roorkee again, while Petroleum and Mining strictly go to ISM Dhanbad for its hold over the Department since its inception. Kharagpur hosts several smaller departments like Food Processing and Agricultural Technology, and for its campus set in the rural sector of Bengal, the research opportunity is great, but I suggest the student to do his own research on the subject first. Similar is the case with Energy Engineering of Bombay and Polymer Engineering at Roorkee.

Out of the Engineering domain, Design at IIT Guwahati holds a very special place amongst the junta nowadays. This sector is booming and has brought up several people who are currently placed at Google and Facebook. The monopoly at UG is strictly held by IIT Guwahati in this case.

Again, following the lines of Design and something out of Engineering, Architecture pops up beautifully. Having been a part of IIT Roorkee and Kharagpur, this has a real stake at both places. Even Economics as a field at Kharagpur and Kanpur looks good with its wonderful placements and alumni in the best universities of the world.

Yet, it is your choice, and now be off to prepare for the heavenly experience!

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