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Being in class 9 brings a new dilemma to a student-the stream which he would opt for after 10th. And if the answer is Science, he needs to start preparing for the most crucial exams of his life-the coveted entrance exams. A major requirement for clearing the entrance exams is a strong understanding of fundamentals and mental aptitude.

Be it JEE-Advanced, AIIMS, JEE-Mains, NEET, etc., the sooner a student starts to prepare, the better. Also, After all, the early bird catches the worm.

Building Concepts In Class 9th: Why It Is Crucial

Most topics learnt in Class 9 are also to be learnt for the entrance exams in a detailed and thorough manner, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Building the concepts in class 9 itself acts as a bonus point for the students. With strong basics, the students are better equipped to solve the numerical and analytical problems.
The following topics taught in Class 9 are also included in the syllabus of the entrance exams:
• Mathematics: Coordinate Geometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Statistics, Probablity.
• Physics: Laws of Motion, Force, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Sound.
• Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom.
• Biology: Cell, Tissues, Diseases.

In Class 9, the student is introduced to the fundamental Newton’s laws of motion and the three equations of motion. This forms the basis of entrance-level kinematics. It requires a clear understanding of motion and related concepts. Likewise, coordinate geometry in class 9 deals with the 2-dimensional rectangular coordinate system, with applications in finding lengths and areas. While preparing for entrances, this idea is extended to 3-dimensions and it finds numerous applications in topics of other subjects too, like Physics.

Some topics, though not directly required for the entrances, are applied to form the basics of other, more advanced topics. Example: Number Systems, Polynomials, Linear Equations, Matter, Natural Resources. Understanding these are equally important for grasping related concepts. Polynomials are invariably used in almost all topics of Maths whereas the concept of Linear equations is extended to Quadratic Equations. Hence, knowing these topics well definitely goes a long way in preparing thoroughly for the entrance exams.

Students, who start their preparations in Class 11, have just 2 years to cover the vast syllabus of entrance exams whereas those who start in Class 9 itself can cover it at a more comfortable pace. Having 4 years to build on and understand the concepts definitely gives them an edge over their fellow mates.

In the final year, when most students will be busy finishing up their course, the early starters will have ample time for thorough revision and practice. Moreover, they won’t be in a frantic hurry to complete the syllabus since they have already honed the necessary concepts.

Apart from that, the students would also be able to plan out their studies efficiently since they are already acquainted with the topics. Early preparation and efficient management will boost the confidence level of the students. Thus, building concepts in class 9th is very crucial for a student’s knowledge as well as performance.

So, Start Early, Build Your Concepts & take a Head-Start for your future.

Building concepts in class 9th is crucial; However, 11th and 12th standards are sufficient to crack JEE. Read about it here.

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