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A Business Study in class 12 is a subject that gives students an insight into what management is like. The total marks allotted for this paper is 100 out of which 20 is assigned to a project work. Since the marks allotted is 20, this business studies class 12 project is extremely important. There is some important information pertaining to this that needs to be kept in mind before one starts making the project.

The total marks allotted to business studies class 12 project and it’s division

The total marks allotted, as already mentioned above, is 20. This is divided into the following heads:
1. Initiative, cooperativeness, participation – 2 marks

  1. The creativity is shown in presenting the details – 2 marks
  2. Content, research and observation – 4 marks
  3. Analysis of the situation – 4 marks
  4. Viva – 8 marks.

It is to be noted that the marks have been divided based on the sense of practicality and applicability. Both participation and creativity have been assigned 2 marks each. Content, research and observation have been given 4 marks. This is important because the student is required to understand all the chapters taught in class before making the project. Each chapter taught in Business Studies has its own essential contribution to the project. What is the extent of research that the student has undertaken and what is the power of observation comes into play here? Next, blindly studying the chapters and applying it to come up with a project is not what the board wants to see. There has to be a proper and timely application. The content has to be relevant to the times. Lastly, the viva helps understand what the understanding of the student is as far as the project is concerned. Thus, all these heads need to be kept in mind while making the project.

Various heads and subheads in the project

Heading 1: Cover page

Heading 2: Name of the product and category of the same

Heading 3: Index

Heading 4: Preface

Heading 5: Introduction

Heading 6: What are the Unique Selling Proposition and Brand Value Proposition

Heading 7: Range and differentiation parameter

Heading 8: Label and mandatory message (if any)

Heading 9: Tagline and logo

Heading 10: Price and margins

Heading 11: Packaging

Heading 12: Placement and distribution of your product

Heading 13: Warehousing and transportation

Heading 14: Promotion and schemes

Heading 15: Observation

Heading 16: Conclusion and scope


Cover page

The cover page must contain your name, roll number, school name and year.


The index must be made in a neat and crisp format. There should be a serial number, the page name and the page number (if any)


The preface can contain details about your learning process, what you understood while making the project, what are some features of your work and the like. You can also add a section for acknowledgement. This contains a list of people you would like to thank for contributing to the process of putting together this project.


This will contain a note of the product or service that you have selected. Further, it will also enlist reasons for your selection and relevance for the same.

Unique Selling Proposition and Brand Value Proposition

This page will contain details about your competitions and why is your brand of product or service better than the competitors. For simplicity, you can start by listing a few competitors and what are the features and utilities that you have that are missing in your competition. The Unique selling proposition and brand value proposition are what sets you apart and can make or break your company. You can also list your product features along with a catchy name.

Label and message

In this section, the visual aspect comes into the scene. Here, you can either make a label or print one. It is to be noted that the physical aspects of a product are what catches the eye of the customer. Hence, the name of the product, some important features and the logo must be present on the label. Further, the green dot signifying vegetarian and red signifying non-vegetarian must be duly mentioned. Other messages, if any, should be present along with the information on various approvals, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, price, weight, ingredients, nutritional facts etc.

Tagline and logo

You then need to explain why the logo looks the way it does and draw the same for understanding. The logo should be relevant and linked to the brand value and product. The tagline should be crisp and understandable and should have a flair for it in such a manner that it increases the memorability of it.


Keeping the pricing policy of the competition in mind should set up the price of the product. The product should not be overpriced or underpriced. You can also write about the various costs that have influenced your pricing strategy and what is the margin you are willing to give to the intermediaries.


Here you can mention why is packaging crucial, in general, and in this specific situation. You can draw and explain the packaging technique that you will use, whether you will look at a new innovation or be general and what is the material that you will use in your packaging.

Placement and Distribution

Here you can go ahead with explaining why is it important to understand the channels of distribution and what is it that you will be using to place your product. You can make a chart to explain the levels you will be opting for and its relevance and utilities.

Warehousing and transportation

Where, why and how many warehouses will you be opting for and what will be your transport method.

Promotion and schemes

What will be the schemes that you will use and give to consumer, retailer and wholesaler?


Some Pointers

  • Keep the project to the point
  • Make it direct and crisp
  • Should be handwritten

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