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Business Studies Sample Papers for Class 12 Commerce CBSE:

CBSE demands a practical approach to study and understand business studies in its true sense. To score well in CBSE class 12 business studies paper, effort and hard work in the right direction is the key. You should understand that presentation plays a pivotal role here. This is where business studies sample paper for Class 12 Commerce are extremely important.

Why solve business studies sample papers for Class 12 Commerce?

All of us are pretty much inclined towards the medium that provides the most entertainment in our country – movies. Why it is so that movies are enjoyed a lot by us? It is because they take us into a whole new world for the 2.5 hours that we spend in front of the screen. What we don’t realize is that to give us this experience, the actors undergo so much training. They attend a number of workshops, do as many rehearsals as it takes to ensure their final performance seems flawless.

Well, all these are like the sample papers that one solves before appearing for the main exam. Only when you are acquainted with the type of questions you would face and the pattern in which the question paper would appear in the exam, you would go and attempt your exam with great confidence. This in turn results in better performance.

Always remember that as you prepare for the main exam, learn the subject keeping in mind that you will present the answers in the exam point wise. This ensures that when you write your exam, you stress on the important points than write something vague. All of this can pretty much be corrected if you properly use your business studies sample papers for Class 12 Commerce.

The ABC categorization

Often, when you study topics that are less in weightage or simple, you end up not studying the important, mark fetching topics in detail. This makes you feel exhausted because your efforts get wasted and you do not get the anticipated result. So, go for ABC categorization and see how this knowledge can be linked to solving business studies sample papers for class 12 commerce better.

Also, the CBSE Board has designed its papers in such a way that a student cannot get away by covering only few topics of the total syllabus. He has to be thorough with the whole subject to gain good marks. So, learn to study smart by grouping the chapters.

Categorise your syllabus into:

A – Important and relatively easy chapters

B – Important and relatively difficult chapters

C – Less frequently asked and those topics with less weightage

This categorisation keeps your brain motivated in the right direction and ensures that you do not leave out on any important and scoring topics.

Benefits of solving business studies sample papers for Class 12 Commerce:

  1. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect and there is no denying the fact. The more you practice, the accurate it gets when it comes to answering questions on the exam day. Practising the same question over and again might get monotonous but when you solve different sample papers, it only gets challenging and you never get bored.

  1. Boosts confidence

When you practice sincerely, as you go up the ladder and solve more and more sample papers, you can see the improvement in performance which leads to boosting your confidence. When you enter the exam hall with this confident attitude, you have already won half the battle.

  1. Lowers stress and relieves tension

When you practice sample and mock papers before the exam, you are already acquainted with the pattern of questioning. So, you do not feel alienated in the main exam. Though you know the subject well, what ultimately matters is how well a question is answered. When you solve sample papers, you realise your mistakes and can work on them. This lessens the stress and relives you from tension.

  1. Aids better time management

Since the paper we are talking about is business studies, we have to keep in mind the most important aspect which is the fact that this paper is theory based. Since the paper is theory based, it is to be understood that it is subjective. So, as we write a lot, time management might sometimes get tricky. Solving sample papers gives you an idea of how well are you able to manage time while trying to answer maximum number of questions.

  1. Self-assessment and improvement

As you write your mock or sample papers, you make mistakes, and through introspection you also learn from them. This helps you improve and present your best version for the main exam. Thus, there are less chances that you make mistakes in the exam.

What should you avoid while solving business studies sample papers for Class 12 Commerce?

Doing what is necessary is very important but what we tend to forget is, there are a few don’ts that are often overlooked. This calls for a great difference between the one who reaches the target and the one who misses it.  Here are a few habits that we are so accustomed to follow owing to our negligence, which if we can avoid and work on, would be of great help. Have a quick look at a few of them:

  • Most students glance through the questions and as they identify the question with a chapter in the syllabus, they start believing in the wrong notion that they know all the answers.
  • Many students read through the answers of the sample paper than write answers to the questions without seeing. No benefit is derived if it is not written in the fashion of an exam.
  • Solving a sample paper in the same time as allotted to the main paper and presenting answers in the same manner as if it were the main exam would help students reap maximum benefits of solving the sample papers. So, one must avoid being negligent.
  • Never let previous experiences define your future learning. So, always start solving the papers with a fresh mind and a positive attitude.

Be aware of the marking scheme

The marking scheme gives you an idea of what is being tested of a student and what does an examiner/evaluator look for in the exam paper while awarding marks. This allows you to display your answers the right way to score maximum marks. When you know what a particular question is asking, your solution can contain those important points rather than dwelling around the other information that only fills the page but does not necessarily fetch marks.

So, go ahead, take into consideration all the points discussed and solve the sample papers with great zeal.

Remember that solving business studies sample papers for Class 12 Commerce can be a big boost to your class 12 board preparation!

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Good luck all of you. Keep solving sample papers for better result and keep following us.

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